Brad & Bianka Weigh In On Sean & Catherine’s Bachelor Season And Engagement

RSN: How did you guys react to how you appeared on camera and how it was edited?
Bianka: We never had to go back and say, “Can you clarify that?”
Brad: I never said I was falling in love with three women. I only used the word “love” at the end, and that was only to B, and I think that’s what saved us. She knew that my feelings for her were on a completely different level. That’s the hard part with Catherine. She’s going to see Sean say, “I can marry Des, or I could marry AshLee.” And when Lindsay asked, “When did you know it wasn’t me?” And he said, “The morning of.” The next day? There’s no way you made up your mind then! Be with Catherine and tell Lindsay it’s Catherine and that’s all.

RSN: Were you surprised by the last two girls standing [Lindsay and Catherine]?
Brad: No. There were a lot of great looking girls, but when we were watching the Seattle date and Lindsay’s hometown date, they’re goofballs. And they’re both very petite. AshLee was very different, and she came off as very serious.

RSN: What did you think of Tierra?
Brad: I thought she was amazing! I didn’t want her to marry the guy, but I wanted her to reappear on the show and ruin everything.

RSN: She was kind of like a Whitney. Whitney was scarier.
Brad: No, no. Whitney wasn’t over-dramatic. Whitney was straight to the point and blunt, and girls didn’t like her. But Tierra…
Bianka: Tierra was on another level.

RSN: Is it going to last [Sean and Catherine]?
Bianka: Do you think it’s sincere?

RSN: We did. Are they fooling us?
Bianka: I personally felt that there was zero affection when they came back on TV together. She didn’t kiss him. When they were talking about their wedding being aired, it was so monotone. There was no excitement. She was happier to see the elephant.
Brad: I’d be happy to see an elephant!

RSN: She’s a very reserved girl, and it could be part of her culture.
Bianka: As far as being reserved in certain situations… I can tell you that the day me and Brad were allowed to be in public, we were ecstatic. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me and him, but I didn’t see any excitement between the two of them.

RSN: If that relationship breaks up then it’s going to be bad because, not only is it the whole religious element, but everyone has what AshLee said in the the back of their minds.
Brad: There’s so much pressure, which is why I think their chemistry seemed a little off. When you sit on stage that first day and you haven’t seen each other that much, you don’t really know how to act. You’ve gone through this experience and you’ve been hiding for so long. That automatically puts a lot of pressure on a relationship. Not only have you gotten engaged on TV, but you’ve immediately announced that you’re going to have a TV wedding. You’ve already set up the fact that it’s the wrong part of what The Bachelor is instead of the right part, which is just the relationship.

We’re excited for your wedding. Are you guys getting married on TV?
Brad: Never say never. We want to do it some time next summer. We haven’t set a date yet. Sean took the words out of my mouth when he said, “We met on TV, so we wouldn’t feel uncomfortable getting married in front of the people who watched us.”
Bianka: Let me just correct Brad… next year in the month of June!
Brad: I just want the day to be about Bianka.

RSN: How did you guys manage the transition from the cameras being all you all the time to living your life without them?
Brad: If Sean and Catherine want this relationship to work, they have to realize that they’re not famous, and they’re not celebrities, and that they’re no better than each other. If they want to move forward, they have to realize that they need to love the other person when they’re sick and throwing up and you’re holding their hair back and not when they’re dolled up on a date in a helicopter.
Bianka: If they love each other, there’s not going to be a transition. For Brad and me, it was easy. It became normal. It almost felt like we weren’t even in a TV show.
Brad: We show up at these events [like the CSAs], but we’re not trying to be in the public eye to be in it. We like having the opportunity to do fun things, but we’re just happy to show up and be included, but we understand that it’s a gift that’s short-lived. By the time the next guy is on, people will forget about us and we have to be happy with ourselves at the end of the day.

RSN: With Sean, it was announced right after the finale that he has signed up for Dancing with the Stars. He’s already moved on to the next big TV thing. What do you think about that?
Brad: No, he isn’t!

RSN: Yeah, he is.
Brad: Oh, whatever
Bianka: Brad should be on that!
Brad: I can’t believe he’s on Dancing with the Stars. Now I’m reserving my judgment on this guy. Buddy, you have a relationship to deal with now. Why don’t you take some time about of the spotlight so you can work on you and Catherine?

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