Brad & Bianka Weigh In On Sean & Catherine’s Bachelor Season And Engagement

RSN: What did you make of the whole AshLee situation during The Women Tell All?

Brad: I kind of believed her. The sad fact is, when you’re having three relationships at the same time, I’m not going to speak from my experience, but I’m looking at Sean’s experience. He’s saying that he’s fallen in love with three women. If we’re taking him at face value, and he’s actually falling in love with three women, then he’s saying unique things or maybe the same thing to all three girls. In that heat of the moment, he probably said stuff that he didn’t really mean 100% but maybe felt right but was saying it because it felt right in the situation.
Bianka: I feel like he maybe said something along those lines, but AshLee was so emotionally tied up that she thinks she heard something else.
Brad: I don’t see her as a liar though.
Bianka: She’s not a liar, babe, but I think sometimes when you’re so caught up in the moment you can make yourself believe that it was a little different.

RSN: AshLee said, “You said this to me in the Fantasy Suite,” which sounds like it was a pretty intimate moment.
Brad: The whole idea of a Fantasy Suite has this salaciousness to it. I think the producers in the States watched our show and regurgitated some of the lines that we used. I said to all three of the girls, “The Fantasy Suite is not this salacious thing; it’s time for us to spend time together off camera.” That’s the first time I’ve heard that on the American version. It’s important for people on the other side to know that it’s not just about hooking up with somebody. It’s about, “No one’s going to be around us for the first time in this entire experience.”

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