Brad & Bianka Weigh In On Sean & Catherine’s Bachelor Season And Engagement

Even the biggest skeptics of The Bachelor franchise have to admit that Canada’s first ever reality TV couple, Bianka Kamber and Brad Smith, are the real deal. We watched them fall in love last year on the first season of The Bachelor Canada, and we’re even more thrilled to catch up with the couple these days now that they’re happily settled into their post-Bachelor lives together. Real Style talked to Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber about what they thought about Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor and got their opinions on Sean and Catherine Giudini’s relationship.  “If Sean and Catherine want this relationship to work,” says Smith, “They have to realize that they’re not famous, and they’re not celebrities, and that they’re no better than each other. If they want to move forward, they have to realize that they need to love the other person when they’re sick and throwing up and you’re holding their hair back and not when they’re dolled up on a date in a helicopter.” Read on for the rest of Brad and Bianka’s candid interview.

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Real Style: We just spoke with Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici on a conference call. Did you guys watch the entire Sean Lowe season of The Bachelor?
Bianka: We watched the first two, and then we watched the last three or four.

RSN: What was going through your head when he made his final decisions because you’ve obviously been in that boat?
Brad: When Lindsay was walking away, I was like, “Dude, stop talking!” I understand trying to make a girl feel better, but when a girl turns her back and walks away, she’s done. She took off her shoes and was ready to bolt, and then he chases her down. I’ve never heard someone break up with somebody and tell them that they love them.
Bianka: I thought to myself, “If Brad ever told Whitney, before he proposed to me, ‘Sorry, I love you but…’ Um, no, buddy. You can take your proposal back and go ask her.”
Brad: It’s not a bad thing in The Bachelor world to tell somebody, “You’re a great girl, but I like somebody more. Somebody else is better for me.” In the end, it’s the only way they’re going to get closure.
Bianka: It doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough; it just means that there’s a better connection with another person. What was it that Lindsay was saying? “What did I do wrong?” You didn’t do anything wrong; there’s just a better connection with another person, which is okay. Would she have rather it finished off with: “Oh, I like you both. Let’s have a threesome.”

Find out what Bianka Kamber and Brad Smith think about Catherine Giudini and Sean Lowe’s future together after the jump…

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