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Warm Bodies Is A Different Kind Of Zombie Movie

It’s time to face facts, zombies are popular. The Walking Dead is one of the top shows on television, and new zombie movies are popping up in theatres all the time. Zombie comedies (or zom coms or even zomedies) have been around for almost as long (some of which weren’t intentionally funny) and romantic stories involving the undead (the Twilight series for example) have been extremely popular, so it was only a matter of time before someone created a romance involving zombies. It makes sense right? After all who couldn’t love a shambling, rotting corpse. In all relationships you have to be able to look past some things, so maybe a little rotting flesh wouldn’t bother some people. At any rate, Warm Bodies poses the question, could you love a corpse.

R (Nicholas Hoult) is a mess. He can’t remember his name, he spends all day in the airport, and he hasn’t got much of a social life. But then again he is dead, and not much is expected of him other than trying to eat the flesh of the living. One day he and some of his zombie buddies decide to go looking for food, and come upon a pack of survivors scavenging for supplies. Among them is Julie (Teresa Palmer), with whom R falls in love with after eating her boyfriend’s brains and getting his memories. He saves her from his friends, and takes her to his home, a grounded airplane at the airport. During his time with her he finds himself gaining the ability to speak, and his heart starts to beat once more. He starts to dream at night, and can feel pain and cold. Of course Julie is the only one who believes he is starting to come alive once again, so he finds himself having to convince not only her father that there is a cure to being dead, but the rest of the world as well.

R is a different kind of zombie movie altogether. It’s a unique and entertaining flick, even if the premise is a little ridiculous. Nicholas Hoult does a great job of making you care about his character through his narration, and his emotionless expression throughout the movie was perfect for the role. Teresa Palmer does a good job of playing his love interest, but one has to wonder if she was chosen for the role for her similarity in looks to Kristen Stewart. Rob Corddry provides the funniest lines in the movie, even though he is a corpse who can barely speak. Fans of the zombie genre may be a little upset with the changes made to zombies for this movie, in that when they eat a brain they get the memories of the person they are eating. They also don’t look too badly off, considering they are dead. Just a little pale mostly with strange looking eyes. The movie itself does have a couple of scary scenes, but nothing horror fans would find interesting. This is more of a comedy lovers sort of movie, but one that is deserving of a chance.

Warm Bodies isn’t the best movie ever made, but it’s not a bad one either. It’s a fun flick that is worth the money to see, and makes for an interesting night out.

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