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Beautiful Creatures Is Trying To Be The Next Twilight

Now that Twilight is over, every new tween series is going to try to fill the void and Beautiful Creatures is the next in the line of Twilight hopefuls. Beautiful Creatures is a magical ride that has a really good ending, but on paper the movie reads just like Twilight.

Lena, a mysterious girl, starts going to a new school in a small town. Rumours swirl about her weird family, but something draws one boy, Ethan, to her. After Lena tries keeping him away, they realize that they cannot deny their love. She reveals that her family are Castors, otherwise known as witches, and on her upcoming 16th birthday she will be claimed for either the dark or light side of magic. Lena must keep Ethan away because if she turns to the dark side, she is liable to hurt him. Now they have to find a way to be together despite pressure from their families and the looming day where she must choose. Switch the names and it is a fairly similar story to Twilight, where Edward’s blood drinking tendencies kept him from Bella.

Even the casting is similar to Twilight in that they cast relative unknowns, Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich in the lead roles.

Young girls are going to love Beautiful Creatures. It is full of melodramatic teenage drama. While it’s true that the future Lena and Ethan face is scary, these two characters are over the top in their need to be together. Much like Bella and Edward, they ignore common sense in favour of being in love. When Ethan is almost killed and wakes up in the morning with no idea how he got home, he isn’t scared, he just runs back to Lena’s home demanding answers. To a teenage girl this is the stuff dreams are made of. Alden Ehrenreich is practically a young Leonardo DiCaprio for the next generation.

Adults watching are going to enjoy the seasoned actors in supporting roles more so. Jeremy Irons is as stoic and intimidating as ever as Macon Ravenwood, Emma Thompson is great as Sarafine, Viola Davis is as captivating as ever as Amma and Emmy Rossum brings out her inner bad girl as Ridley Duchannes. They bring the real dimension to the real dimension to this story that could be very one note otherwise.

Beautiful Creatures is the first of a series of books and directors left it open for more movies if this one is successful. While it wasn’t our favourite teen flick of the year so far, we hope that it gets a follow up to see how these actors fair when they are more comfortable in their roles.

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