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If you’ve yet to transported to the world of Lost Girl, just a glance at the story line for the show will have you hooked before you’ve even seen as episode: Raised by humans and originally unaware of her powers, Succubus Bo is a supernatural siren who feeds on the sexual energy of humans, both men and women. Add to the fact that Bo is played by the impossibly beautiful Canadian actress Anna Silk, and you’ve found your answer to the winter-time void left by True Blood. Lost Girl season 3 kicks off this Sunday night, January 6, on Showcase at 9pm, and we can’t wait to see what Bo and her on-again, off-again love interests Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) get up to. Will Bo and Lauren finally get monogamous? And how exactly will guest star Linda Hamilton of the Terminator franchise shake up the Fae world? And more importantly, what killer outfits will Bo kickass in this season? Real Style talked exclusively to Anna Silk about her very physical role, her favourite Bo fashions and her dedicated fan base.

Real Style: We love that you’re from New Brunswick. It’s always great to meet an East Coaster.

Anna Silk: Excellent. They’re good people!


How has your life changed since Lost Girl has become such a hit, especially internationally, like in the US on Syfy?

Oh yes, it has definitely changed. The experience of the show has been overwhelming, and overwhelmingly great. I’ve been acting for about 12 or 15 years now, so it had been about 10 years before I got this show. I had never experienced, as an actor, getting to play a role for this long, first of all, and getting to tell a story for this long. For me personally, that has been really fulfilling. But then when it comes to the fan response to the show, which is something we could have never predicted, that’s been off the hook in the best possible way. First season, it was Kris who plays Dyson and I sitting at a booth at Comic-Con explaining to people what Lost Girl was about before anyone had seen it, and it really changed by the end of that first season. People knew everything about it. It’s been really great.


Has the fan response affected the writing? The gay and lesbian community love it when you’re with Lauren, and there’s a Team Lauren/Team Dyson type of thing going on. Does that affect what you guys decide to do with the show?

The writers, creators and producers definitely listen to our fans, but I think we also have a story to tell, and we want to tell that story and make the fans a bit conflicted sometimes. That’s one thing about our fans too: They’re very vocal. They’ll tell you when they love something, and they’ll tell you when they hate something. They don’t sort of not like something — they hate something! And they don’t kind of like something — they love something! I think we have to continue to tell a story that is interesting and challenging for the audience and challenging for the characters. I think the writers try to stay true to that, but we definitely listen to the fans as well because it’s fun to listen to them.


How do you train? Your role is extremely physical.

I try to stay really fit. I love doing fight scenes, and they take a lot ofg energy. You really have to be fit to do the show — probably any show, to be honest, but especially one that has a physical role. When I’m filming, I work with my stunt double. She trains me as well. She’s really fantastic. In the off-season, I just try to stay really strong. I’ve done some martial arts training, more so for television than for me having a black belt! Between first and second season, I realized where I could improve, and it mostly had to do with being a little bit more grounded and a little bit more solid on my feet, so that’s what I worked on.

You’re vegan too. Do you have to follow a particular diet to keep up with the physical demands of the show?

I sort of follow a vegan and/or vegetarian diet, to be honest. I kind of regret saying about… Well, I don’t regret it, but people hold you to a lot of things when you say something like that. I have been a vegetarian most of my life, and I decided to become vegan right before season 2. I would say right now I’m about 95% vegan still, but every once in a while I have eggs, I’m not going to lie! I’ve always been interested in that kind of a lifestyle anyway, even if I wasn’t an actor, and even if it didn’t have anything to do with maintaining a certain physique. I’ve always been geared more towards vegetarianism… and from an ethical point of view, to be perfectly honest.

You are a very sexual character as well. Do you ever find that more challenging than the physical aspects of the role?

It’s funny. The very original pilot, which aired as episode 8 in the first season — Kris and I had a love scene that honestly felt more like a fight scene! It was so challenging. It was really physical, really tiring, really aggressive. It was a good way to jump in very quickly into what I was in for. There is a strong sexual side to this character, and I really have to embrace. It’s really key to who she is. I really try to go for it. That’s the mantra for a love scene: You just have to go for it! And make it honest and real. You have to let any of your worries be cast aside and just do it.


You guys are almost like family now. Does that then get easier or weirder or time?

A little bitof both actually! What’s nice is that the people that I work with in that respect I know really well. They’re great friends, and I trust them, and we have a mutual respect. But then we also know other things about each other, so it becomes a little bit weird, but it’s a very respectful set. A love scene is handled very respectfully. We talk about it and want to make it real. We have a really great director of photography who lights us really well, so we’re happy about that! And then we go for it!


Linda Hamilton is joining Lost Girl for season 3.

Yes, she filmed for season 3, but unfortunately I did not work with her. Our story lines don’t come together like that. They’re definitely intertwined, but those characters did not meet. But people were really excited to have her on set. The crew raved about her for quite a while afterwards. It’s really amazing to have her on the show.


It definitely says something about the series. For Bo and Lauren, do we have hope for them coming back together in season 3?

It’s really hard to say without revealing too much, but I can tell you that Bo’s romantic relationships are always going to be challenged by the pure nature that she’s a Succubus. You’ll have to really wait and see in terms of Bo and Lauren.


You’ve had some pretty amazing outfits on the show. What have been some of the standout pieces that you’ve wanted to steal for your own wardrobe?

I find that I start to dress like Bo. She dresses sexy, but it’s also really functional! She’ll wear leggings that are comfortable but they’re tight and they’re flattering and then like a low-cut top and a little jacket. It’s a nice thing to wear. I might put it with a scarf and some earrings and maybe she wouldn’t! People do love the wardrobe. Anne Dixon was our wardrobe designer for the first two seasons, and she’s fantastic and created this amazingworld. In season 3, we have a different wardrobe designer who is also amazing who built off that world and gave it her own little spin. I definitely have some favourites, especially the little jackets. I love Boo’s stuff that looks kind of vintage-y — like jackets where the shoulders are raised right at the crease and look a bit 1940s-ish.


How do you divide your time between Los Angeles and Toronto where the show is shot, especially now that the season is 22 episodes long?

I come to LA and am here when we’re not filming and then come to Toronto and set up shop for quite a while! It’s been nice to be in both places. It’s really nice to be exposed to both parts of the industry, and there are worse places to spend your winters than LA. I’m from Canada, obviously, and I lived in Toronto for a really long time, so I know the city really well. It’s been really interesting to see how it has changed.


I guess you won’t tell us where we can find cast hang-outs in the city.

Usually, it’s our trailers!

What has been some of the most interesting things fans of the show have made for you?

People have drawn pictures, and there’s this one thing o YouTube of all these Rubik’s cube squares, and it’s Lauren and I in the Rubik’s cube in a sort of mural of us. I’ve had birthday videos done for me from fans all over the world who get together online and create a video of their children of class in school singing to me. People really love us and they love to show us. It’s really nice.


How has the Lauren/Bo dynamic been important to TV culture?

It’s been a really important relationship. Zoie and I are always discussing that relationship — I wouldn’t say more than Kris and I do, like when Dyson and Bo were together! We want to make sure the relationships are real, and they ‘re written that way, which is really helpful. I like that you see two women on TV that really care for each other in the most honest way. I think that is what has drawn people to that relationship in particular.


Do you ever watch shows like True Blood to see what they’re doing with the supernatural world?

I’ve seen the first season of True Blood, but I haven’t seen beyond that, mostly because when I start working I don’t watch any TV. Between seasons I try to catch up on TV. I’ve seen the first season of True Blood, which is a great show. Our writers and show runners and producers are the ones who are creating this world, and we certainly contribute to that by bring ing it to life and we definitely have a lot more input as the show has gone on, which is nice that they trust us enough to know our own characters.


You can’t obviously study a Succubus to understand her motivation. How did you get inside Bo’s head to embody her?

At first I thought, how do you play a Succubus? A Succubus doesn’t think they’re playing a Succubus; they’re just being. Because Bo was so new to this world at the very beginning, I as the actor got to experience the world as she did. It was very organic for me as an actor. I like that there’s a path in Bo that is darker and tumultuous. That’s something I think about quite a bit. It’s been a pretty natural role.

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