Britney Spears Wanted By Las Vegas Hotels, But Can She Handle It?

Britney Spears is reportedly in a bidding war with a number of different Las Vegas hotels to take up residence there as the headlining act.  Can Britney Spears handle the pressure though? Not only would this mean a commitment to shows for years, but Britney also just split from her fiancé and manager Jason Trawick.

Since Britney left The X Factor, it’s been no secret that the pop star has been working on securing her own Las Vegas show. The initial report was that she had signed a two year deal with Caesars. It turns out that while Britney Spears hasn’t signed on yet, there are three hotels bidding to get her act. Reports say the deals will include performances several nights per week and appearances at hotel clubs and facilities.

At first, press reported that Britney Spear was getting $200 million, but now the deals appear to be more in the $100 million range. Celine Dion got $100 million for her Las Vegas show so that number probably isn’t too far off of the truth.

The concern is that some think that Britney is in a delicate state now being single again. She’s known to be very shy and Jason Trawick was instrumental in getting Spears out there again. They say the split is friendly, but some feel that she needs to stay home with her sons and relax. Friends close to Britney have told the press that she is very driven career wise and ready to take her next step.

We will have to wait and see if Britney Spears can handle the pressure.


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