Ashton Kutcher vs Steve Jobs – Who’s Who In This Split Pic?

Ashton Kutcher shared a photo of his face split with Steve Jobs’ face on Twitter. We all know that Ashton is playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, jOBS, which premiered at Sundance. Although we’ve seen photos of Ashton looking pretty similar to a young Steve Jobs, this is the first we’ve seen of Ashton posing as Steve Jobs in his later years. We have to say, we can barely tell who’s who. Can you? (Ashton is on the left, if you can’t figure it out). Ashton studied over 100 hours of footage of Steve Jobs to prepare for the part, and clearly worked with a dedicated makeup team to look exactly like the Apple co-founder throughout the years. Ashton even went so far as to adopt Steve Job’s fruitarian diet, which consists of eating only fruits, nuts and seeds, which led to him being hospitalized just before filming began. The movie jOBS might just be to Ashton Kutcher what Erin Brockovitch was to Julia Roberts. We’ll have to wait unitl April of this year to see what the world thinks. That’s when jOBS hits theatres nationwide.

“This was honestly one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever tried to do in my life,” Kutcher told the AP at Sundance. “I admired this man so much. …I’ve never seen Abraham Lincoln walk into a room, but I’ve seen Steve Jobs walk into a room.”

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Photo Courtesy of: Twitter (Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in jOBS)

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