Gossip Girl Finale Recap

Tonight we bid a sad farewell to Gossip Girl and the Upper East Side with a big two hour finale. For the first hour, we joined the cast, crew and creators in a look back at all six seasons. After warming our hearts with our favourite memories, we got to the action on the Gossip Girl finale.

We return right where we left off with Blair and Chuck running out of the building after Bart fell from the roof. They can’t find a way to escape from the police because everyone is being questioned. The world learned that Bart has died and Chuck is wanted for questioning. He and Blair sneak past police in the trunk of his limo. The police question everyone from Nate to Eleanor looking for Chuck and Blair. They escape to a hotel out in the country and none other than Uncle Jack comes knocking on their door. Jack is actually there to help, but he wants to know what really happened. After hearing the truth, Jack has an idea to get free. Blair is the only one who saw what happened and if Chuck and Blair get married then Blair can’t testify against him. There is no other proof. Chuck doesn’t like it until he looks into Blair’s eyes. He gets down on one knee and proposes with the ring she is already wearing around her neck. Aw! Finally they will be together. They go to the courthouse with Jack to get hitched. It’s not the wedding they dreamed of, but it will have to do. Jack prepares the judge and marriage license, but Chuck can’t marry Blair like this. He drags her out. Jack goes to get Georgina for help.They will make the perfect wedding yet.

Lily comes home after learning about Bart’s death to find William in the lobby. He heard the news from Ivy and wants to be at her side. I think he has been using her to get back with Lily. Our suspicions are confirmed soon enough when Ivy runs into the two of them and William pretends he barely knows her. He makes Ivy look like she is a crazy liar. I can’t believe Ivy ever though William really loved her. William admits that he only ever loved Lily and tells Ivy to go back to Florida with her money. That is harsh, but goodbye Ivy! Georgina and Jack arrive to get Lily as soon as Ivy is getting dragged away.

Serena is preparing to leave, but she gets Dan’s envelope before the plane takes off. She returns to question Dan about what he wrote. She wants to know who Dan is. Dan starts telling Serena his story, which we are SURE is the story of how he became Gossip Girl like we predicted. He recalls the first time he saw Serena at a party and how he knew from then on that he needed to be with her. He explains that he would do anything to be a part of their world and when he told this to Jenny, Gossip Girl arrived. Does that mean that it is Dan like we thought or Jenny? Maybe both of them? Before we find out Georgina arrives to take them away.

Meanwhile Nate and Sage are investigating Gossip Girls true identity. Since Bart is dead, Nate is free to run the Spectator again. He just needs this big scoop. They suspect everyone from Eric to Jenny. Jack arrives to take them away before they decide.

Everyone is gathered at the Met where Blair and Chuck announce their engagement to the gang. Now they have a short time to pull off the perfect wedding. They get Blair a stunning blue Elie Saab dress to say “I Do”. Serena and Blair start to discuss whether Serena still loves Dan and if he will ever be one of them and Dan overhears it. He walks away on a mission before the big wedding. He gives his final chapter to Nate. He is letting Nate publish the last chapter about Gossip Girl on The Spectator. Sage runs the chapter to the office to publish it right away.

Everyone runs to the fountain for the wedding while police sirens come for Chuck. Cyrus officiates the wedding. Because of the police coming it is the fastest wedding ever, but they still share a sweet kiss before the police take Chuck and Blair away. Just as they leave a blast comes to their phone. The Spectator has revealed the true identity of Gossip Girl. Everyone is reading it: Juliet, Vanessa, even the voice of Gossip Girl, Kristen Bell.

We hear Dan’s story about how Dan he became Gossip Girl. Dan is Gossip Girl! He first wrote all of the gossip he learned in school about Serena and the rest of them to make the blog popular. Then when the time was right, he wrote about himself becuase he knew that he would never be anyone unless they were talking about him. He first wrote about himself in that first episode at the train station. Everyone is shocked. Even Jack says he is in awe. Rufus shows up to yell at Dan and get the full story. Rufus feels like he ruined his family but Dan says that Jenny knew all along and wanted to get on Gossip Girl. She used it as an escape from New York.

Chuck and Blair come back ready for a reception, but they have heard the news. Blair is mad. They all have a hilarious conversation about who they all thought it was. Chuck respects the reveal because Dan always knew when to stop and help like after the car accident. Serena thinks it is a little romantic that Dan wrote the ultimate love letter. Blair is mad that it has been Dan getting one up on them all along. They realize that now that Gossip Girl has a face she is dead and they can move on.

We jump ahead to five years later. Nate is ruling New York with The Spectator and is going to run for mayor. Chuck and Blair have a son and are happily married. Eric and Jenny are back in New York. What could the occasion for this gathering, but Dan and Serena’s wedding? Two wedding in one episode! Serena walks down the stairs in the stunning gold and white wedding dress and the lovers marry at Blair’s.

It turns out Gossip Girl isn’t gone either. Gossip Girl has been passed on to the next generation because she will never die in our hearts.

What a great finale! We will miss our trip to New York. Xoxo

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