Brad Smith Chooses His Fiance On The Bachelor Canada Finale!

The Bachelor Canada’s Brad Smith Gets Engaged On Finale!

But to who? Fans of The Bachelor Canada held their breath as they watched the final episode of the first ever season of The Bachelor Canada on Wednesday night. Brad had to choose between two very different women. Both of whom are gorgeous, curvy brunettes, but their personalities couldn’t be more opposite. In the end, most viewers were relieved that Brad choose — drum roll – Bianka Kamber!!! Most viewers thought Brad would choose the girl he seemed to have more physical chemistry with, Whitney Lee, even if her harsh behaviour towards the other contestants and win-or-die-trying attitude had made her a less than likable character during the course of the reality series.

Fortunately for Canadians who love a happy ending, Brad chose Bianka, the 28-year-old nurse from Mississauga who is Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend. That’s right. The reason Bianka has had a hard time getting close to Brad allegedly has a lot to do with her trust issues that came from her past relationship with Humphries before married Kim Kardashian… but now we digress!

Not only did Brad choose Bianka, he got down on one knee and proposed! With princess cut diamond ring. Who says Canadian reality TV love shows can’t compete with America for the drama factor? And prior to the engagement, Brad had a dramatic face-to-face with Whitney where he told her she wasn’t right for him. Brad confessed to the camera that he’d been feeling that way about Whitney since he went to visit her in Calgary and saw a not so open side to her. Wow!

We can’t wait to hear news from Bianka Kamber and Brad Smith about life after The Bachelor Canada!

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Photo Courtesy of: CityTV

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