Surprise! These “American” Actors Have British Accents

We’ve watched these actors play some of our favourite American characters over the years, so imagine our surprise the first time we heard them speak in their natural voices! Here are the 5 actors who surprised us the most when we found out they were British.

Joshua Bowman
Every week, we tune in to watch Joshua Bowman play Emily VanCamp’s privileged love interest, Daniel Grayson, on Revenge. He embodies the Kennedy-esque character so well, he’s like fictional American royalty to us. It turns out, Joshua is actually from Berkshire, England. When we heard him speak in an interview for the first time he instantly became 10% dreamier. Oh, the power of a British accent!

Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln captivates us on AMC’s The Walking Dead as Rick Grimes who’s pretty much an American hero in the post-Apocalyptic world. Andrew, however, is actually from London, England. He even went to school at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. His accent is quite faint now that he’s spent time in the USA, but it’s still there if you listen carefully.

Stephen Moyer
There are actual drinking games that exist based on how many times Stephen Moyer says “Sookie!” in his thick Southern accent as Bill on True Blood. In real life, Stephen hails from Essex, England. We think it’s kind of adorable that he and his wife Anna, who hails from New Zealand, have completely different accents from the characters they’re most famous for embodying.

Hugh Laurie
It was always hard to believe that Hugh Laurie, who’s best known for playing the brilliant but constantly grumpy Dr. Gregory House on House, is actually from Oxfordshire, England in real life. We’re actually excited to hear him talk British to us in his upcoming movie role, Mr. Pip, now that House has wrapped for good. Watch this amazing video of Hugh on Ellen discussing the difference between British and American slang, like what “flossing” means.

Ed Westwick
Ed Westwick is the original “Oh my God, he’s British!” actor… well, maybe after Christian Bale. After all, he got his big break playing Manhattanite Chuck Bass, the spoiled Upper East Sider, on Gossip Girl. We always wondered why Chuck sounded a little too polished in his pronunciation of words. It definitely suits the character though!

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Photo Courtesy of: ABC, AMC, HBO

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