Top 5 Milla Jovovich Movies (That Aren’t Resident Evil)

Does Milla Jovovich star in anything else besides the Resident Evil franchise? That’s what we were thinking this weekend when our significant others dragged us to the theatre to see Resident Evil: Retribution. Milla has always been one of our favourite supermodels, so why can’t we see her on the big screen in a more girl-friendly flick? Then it dawned on us: We have seen Milla Jovovich in a ton of films that don’t involve weapons of mass destruction. Here’s a look at some of our favourites.

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Chaplin (1992)
Sure, Milla had a small part in this film playing Charlie Chaplin’s first wife Mildred Harris, but need we remind you that this is movie was nominated for three Oscars and won Robert Downey, Jr. the BAFTA Award for Best Actor? While some critics said it took too many liberties with regards to properly documenting the life of Charlie Chaplin, we thought that it was a creative masterpiece. Can you say: “Next date night rental?” Hey, we had to sit through Resident Evil: Retribution. We deserve it!

Dazed and Confused (1993)
Yeah, we forgot Milla was in this classic too! Although Milla was featured a lot in the promotional material for the film, a lot of her scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. Nevertheless, she still gets to say that she was in one of the best cult films of the ’90s. Milla plays Pickford’s girlfriend Michelle in the movie. In real-life, she was dating Pickford actor Shawn Andrews at the time. We’re going to download the soundtrack to this right now.

The Fifth Element (1997)
Okay, so if memory serves us correct, The Fifth Element seemed like a total dude movie, but when we reluctantly made our way to the theatre, we discovered that it is actually a delightfully fun sci-fi flick by the amazing Luc Besson. Milla plays humanoid Leeloo and definitely does her part in making this film the visually stunning flick it is.

He Got Game (1998)
If Resident Evil makes you think that Milla’s just one of those models-turned-actresses who looks for roles that showcase her beauty, then might we suggest renting Spike Lee’s He Got Game. Milla appears opposite Denzel Washington and Ray Allen in this film playing an abused prostitute.

Zoolander (2001)
For anyone who thinks a beautiful woman — and in Milla’s case, a supermodel — can’t be funny, take a walk down memory lane with Zoolander. Milla held her own opposite funny men Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell as the evil Katinka Ingabogovinanana. A real supermodel in a film that pokes fun at the modeling world? We loved every second of it, and we love that Milla has a sense of humour!

Photo Courtesy of: Gramercy Pictures

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