The Scoop On Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds’ Wedding Day Desserts!

We all know that Blake Lively loves to cook and bake! The Gossip Girl actress famously took cooking classes at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and spent a lot of her off-time on the set of The Green Lantern baking cupcakes for costar and now husband Ryan Reynolds. “It was just a way to sabotage Ryan,” Blake once joked at a Los Angeles press conference for The Green Lantern about baking sweet treats for Ryan. “He was working out as much as he was, and I’m the girl. I’m supposed to look better.”

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Blake and Ryan are known for going on low-key dessert dates for ice-cream and goodies, so we couldn’t help but wonder what special treats they had planned for their wedding day. The couple hired Bakehouse Bakery Cafe to cater their wedding day sweets! The bakery told Perez Hilton: “We did the mini chocolate bun cakes with a chocolate ganache in the middle. We also did our s’more bars, which are homemade vanilla marshmallow with a graham cracker crust and our chocolate ganache. We made enough for 65 people.”

On top of the goodies, the guests also enjoyed a $3,000 wedding cake by Maggie Austin Cakes, that was brought in from Maryland, according to the NY Daily News.

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Photo Courtesy of: Warner Bros

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