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Suzie McNeil – Dear Love Review

You may not have heard of Canadian singer Suzie McNeil yet, but you should soon. This big voiced powerhouse rocker is on the brink of becoming a national name.

Suzie has all the makings of a  pop star. Her vocal are versatile, allowing her to be sweet as sugar or edgy and tough. Her songs are catchy sometimes being reminiscent of a more subtle Katy Perry. She definitely has the look. So why isn’t Suzie MacNeil not already a household name?

On paper she has everything you need, but there is something missing on the album. It is well done, but forgettable. She needs to create something that Canada can’t ignore. Since her debut disc in 2007, she has had a few modest hits including “Supergirl”, but it is time to take it to the next level. I want to see Suzie McNeil’s name in lights, but the pressure is all on her. It’s her move. She needs to write a song that makes you listen with great lyrics and a beat you can’t deny. Right now, she is playing it safe. When she does we will be waiting.

Watch the first video from the album for “Merry Go Round” now:

[youtube yKiQu__ceq8]

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