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Pitch Perfect Hits All The Right Notes

With the huge popularity of Glee, it’s no surprise that someone else finally hopped on the a capella trend to create a movie with all of the same high notes as the show. Pitch Perfect is going to have a hard time setting itself apart from Glee in people’s minds, but fans of the show are going to be pleased with this new take on their favourite show.

Pitch Perfect follows music lover Beca (played by Real Style Magazine cover girl Anna Kendrick) in her first year at Barden University. She is a loner who hates being at the school until she gets pushed into joining the Barden Bellas (with Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson), an all girl a cappella singing group. The Bellas are determined to make up for their embarrassing lose in the final last year and beat their rivals The Treblemakers, the school’s all male a capella group. Of course there are hurdles in their rise to the top including Beca’s rebellious streek, the Bellas’ controlling leader Aubrey (Anna Camp), and Jesse (Skylar Astin) a possible love interest for Beca who happens to sing for the enemy.

Pitch Perfect is like Glee for the college crowd. Everything about it is fairly similar, but a bit more mature (they acknowledge the similarities early on in the film to let you know they know). Older fans of Glee, who sometimes find the high school drama juivenille are going to have a blast watching this film. Anna Kendrick has a phenomenal singing voice that makes you want to hear more and more. The music choices are great with songs including everything from Ace Of Base to Rihanna to Miley Cyrus. It’s hard to not sing along in the theatres. While everyone hold their own well, it’s Rebel Wilson who truly steals the show as Fat Amy. Rebel already caught our eye in Bridesmaids, but this time she truly steals the spotlight from her co-stars every time the camera is on her. We want more Rebel and can’t wait to see what she does next!

While some are going to find Pitch Perfect lacklustre for it’s predictable plot line and cut out characters, we think this is the perfect movie for a girls night out to get you in the mood for some fun! Watch a clip of Pitch Perfect:

[youtube q573_hDhTbE]

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