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True Blood Season Finale Predictions – What We Got Right

We have been following this roller coaster of a season through our True Blood recaps and last night’s shocking finale blew us away. A few weeks ago, we predicted what would happen on the season 5 True Blood finale. Let’s see what we got right and what surprised even us. Warning Spoilers ahead!

1. Bill’s not so evil after all – Wrong! Bill is more evil than ever.
Bill is no longer the sweet human loving vampire that we met in season one. After killing the Authority members, and drinking Lilith’s blood, Bill succumbed to a bloody death only to rise up from the pool of his own blood. This blood soaked naked vampire Bill is going to be the new god of vampires. While Eric screamed “Run!” at the end of the episode, we haven’t seen Bill do anything in his new form yet. It is safe to say that god Bill is not going to be all forgiving. Everyone should be careful!

2. Alcide will take control of the wolf pack – Right! Alcide takes control
After Ricki was forced to drink vampire blood, Alcide finally took action. With a little boost from vampire blood of his own. Alcide took down JD and took control of the pack. Next season, we expect to see Alcide as pack master, but we hope this incident taking V doesn’t change him.

3. Russell Edgington is captured and killed by vampires, but not without a major fight – Partially Right! The fairies kill Russell
Russell didn’t stand a chance in the season finale. After draining one fairy, he thought he was even more immortal than before. It looked like nothing could stop him. When Eric swooped in to rescue the fairies, we thought our prediction was right on track, but the fairy light blast took it’s effect on Russell. He exploded in Eric’s arms before he had a chance for revenge. It was a lacklustre death, but a great way to start the bloody finale.

4. Bill is linked to the mysterious Warlow – Unknown! No talk of Warlow
After all of this talk about Warlow from Sookie, there was no mention of him in the finale. Now we have to wait a full year to find out who owns Sookie.

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5. Nora snaps out of it – Right! Nora becomes an Authority killing machine
We already knew from the second last episode that Nora had finally left the dark side. Last night, Nora proved her loyalty by joining Eric to take down the Authority. While she still has to resist her urge to not eat Sookie, Nora is back in our good books. She left the Authority with Pam, Tara, Jason and Jessica, so who knows what will happen to that gang.

6. Jason almost becomes a vampire – Wrong! Jason does get into trouble though
While Jessica didn’t turn Jason, he is having his own problems. After getting blasted by the fairies, Jason is hallucinating. He’s been seeing the ghost of his parents and it’s making him act crazy. Jason is, once again, on a mission to kill all vampires. He believes this is his revenge for his parents’ death. We left Jason in an elevator full of hungry vampires and guns, so this could be trouble in the making.

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