Celebs Who Have Starred Alongside Their Kids

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, the beautiful blonde offspring of Brad and Angelina, is set to star alongside her mother in the upcoming film Maleficent. The news has caused a flurry of activity as people rush to search out the young budding star. This isn’t the first time a Hollywood A-lister has starred alongside their kids in a film. See some other famous parents who have starred alongside their kids in movies:

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jaden Smith and Willow Smith

The Smith’s keep it in the family. We first got a glimpse at the acting skills of the Smith children when Will worked alongside his son Jaden in The Pursuit of Happyness. The world fell in love with this budding star. The Smith’s weren’t done yet! Then, one year later, Will introduced us to his daughter Willow Smith when she starred with him in I Am Legend. Willow also worked with her mother Jada Pinkett-Smith when she voiced a character in Madagascar 2. The family isn’t only talented, but clearly loves spending time together.

Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, Iris Apatow and Maude Apatow

When comedy director needs adorable kids in his adult films, he keeps it in the family and uses his own daughter Iris and Maude. Since Apatow also usually hires his hilarious wife Leslie Mann, this means filming a movie becomes a family affair. So far the whole Apatow clan has worked on Knocked Up and Funny People together. This fall, you will see the Apatow daughters reprise their old characters in the upcoming comedy This Is 40, where they apparently have larger speaking parts than ever before.

Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Scout Willis and Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis has made a niche for herself starring on 90210, but she first got her start working alongside her famous parents. Rumer starred with her mom, Demi, in the racy film Striptease. Then Rumer worked with her dad in The Whole Nine Yards and Hostage. Rumer’s younger sister Scout has also starred alongside her parents in The Scarlet Letter and Bandits.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus

Nowadays Miley Cyrus is arguably more famous than her country singing father, but back in the day Billy Ray worked with her daughter to keep an eye on her. Miley made an appearance on Billy Ray’s primetime drama Doc. Then Billy Ray joined his daughter on her long running Hannah Montana series including a few movies too.

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