Matthew McConaughey’s Extreme Weight Loss

From Magic Mike hotness to skin and bones! Matthew McConaughey was photographed outside of his hotel in New York looking noticeably thinner than usual. Although he’s currently filming The Wolf Of Wall Street in NYC with Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s apparently dieting for his upcoming role as an AIDS patient in The Dallas Buying Club. Losing weight for roles is nothing new in Hollywood. Christian Bale got dangerously thin for The Machinist by running and allegedly only eating an apple and a latte a day. We’re not sure how much weight Matthew is planning to lose, but we hope it’s not much more than he’s already shed. Matt might be known for spending hours shirtless on the beach with his bongos, but we like him best that way! Usually it’s women who lose weight for specific films. Check out our post below on all the women — from Anne Hathway to Natalie Portman — who’ve dropped serious pounds for the big screen.

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Photo Courtesy of: KEYSTONE

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