Britney, Demi & Simon Open Up About The X Factor, Season 2!

We’re so excited for the September 12th premiere of the second season of The X Factor — so excited that we’re losing our minds over the latest issue of TV Guide. The issue features all four judges — Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato — on the cover, along with Brit Brit’s tagline “We’re the shizzle!” Of course they are! Although we’re already anticipating a lot of fighting between Simon and Demi, the four judges seem to get along just fine in the interview. Here are some of the highlights:

Simon Cowell on why he needed to switch up TheĀ X Factor this season:
“I think there was too much history with me and Paula. I adore her…but it just felt like that relationship was too steeped in American Idol history. With these shows, you can never be complacent. Whenever we choose a panel, you’ve got to be interesting and you’ve got to know what a star is.”

Demi Lovato on becoming a judge:
“I really feel like being the first young judge on any of these vocal competition shows is a lot of pressure, but at the same time, it’s great because I get to bring in a perspective from the audience that’s around my age. I was nervous at first because it’s not like I have the experience that L.A., Simon and Britney have. But I know how hard people have to work to get to where they want to be, and I can spot somebody who has talent and who’s memorable and could be a pop star.”

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Britney Spears on Demi Lovato:
Even though she’s really young, she has such a sophistication about her. She’s cooler than me.”

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Photo Courtesy of: TV Guide

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