Blake Lively’s Practical Joke On Savages, Plus 4 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Blake

It’s hard to believe that it all started with Gossip Girl. At 24 years old, Blake Lively is already a fashion icon, as a spokesperson for Chanel and as the face of the new Gucci Première fragrance. She’s also making a play for the Hollywood A-list, choosing roles that go against her good girl image off camera, such as her role as a hard-living drug addict in Ben Affleck’s The Town, as well as her most recent role in Oliver Stone’s Savages. Lively plays “O” in the violent drug thriller, a woman who runs a marijuana farm with her two boyfriends, played by Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson, in Laguna Beach and is kidnapped by the Mexican Baja Cartel. How will Blake relax after playing such a heavy role? Read on to find out five things you didn’t know about Blake Lively.
Growing up, Blake Lively was the exact opposite of her Gossip Girl character

Unlike Serena van der Woodsen, Blake was a cheerleader and class president at her California high school, Burbank High School.“Oh, my goodness, my real-life high school experience could not be more different than Gossip Girl,” the star once confessed to Seventeen magazine. “Burbank feels like a small town in the big city of L.A. So for a fun night out, we would go to school fund-raisers. I was very involved in school – I was class president! And all of my friends were good – nobody was too wild. The kids on Gossip Girl enjoy getting a great education, but they couldn’t care less about school itself. But I think at the core, everyone deals with similar things in high school: jealousy, people making up rumors, dating someone you shouldn’t, or wanting to be with someone who’s unattainable.”

As a kid, Blake went to Disneyland twice a week

Blake’s mother took her to Disneyland as often as two times a week growing up, sometimes staying as late as 1 a.m. when the actress got a little older. Thanks to all of her fond memories, she frequently goes back to pay Mickey and friends a visit. While doing a press conference for her last film, Savages, Lively admitted she needs to go back to the happiest place on earth. “I feel like all I’ve done lately is play really sexually-charged drug addicts. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve gotta go to Disneyland more and get more excitement.”

She loves to cook

Blake Lively might be a fashion icon, but when she’s in the kitchen, she’s chanelling Julia Child. Although she takes cooking classes almost everywhere she travels, the actress admits that baking is one of her favourite pastimes. While speaking to Access Hollywood about filming Green Lantern with his now beau Blake, Ryan Reynolds confessed that Blake’s baking nearly got the better of his buff physique. “She bakes for everybody on the set, I’m trying to be in shape, I have to play a superhero… and she’s coming on the set like Mrs. Fields, every day,” he said. “Like a platter of everything, sprinkles everywhere and sugar everywhere and oh my God.”

Blake prefers the country to city life

Blake is a self-confessed homebody, preferring to spend her evenings instead of hitting the party circuit. Thankfully, she has the ideal place to stay in, along with the perfect companion. Lively and boyfriend of less than one year, 35-year-old Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, recently bought a $2 million cottage home in Bedford, New York together.

She loves a good practical joke

When filming wrapped on Savages, Blake bought every member of the crew a T-shirt that reads, “I Survived Oliver Stone.”

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