Blake Lively’s New Love Interest?

Blake Lively might be settling into domestic life with her real-life boyfriend Ryan Reynolds, but her love life is about to get hot and heavy on screen. 7th Heaven‘s Barry Watson will join the cast of Gossip Girl this fall as the love interest of bad-girl-turned-good-turned-bad-again, Serena van der Woodsen. Barry is set to play Steven Spence, a young entrepreneur whose life no doubt gets more interesting and deliciously complicated once he starts hanging with local celebrities Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan and Nate. Sadly, this will be Gossip Girl‘s 6th and final season, so we can only hope that Serena and Dan will work things out in the end, even if there isn’t a lot of time left for the two to reconcile after the dramatic end to season 5. But stranger things have happened on the Upper East Side!

Before the highly anticipated return of everyone’s favourite Monday night guilty pleasure on the CW, here are 5 things you didn’t know about Blake Lively.

Photo Courtesy of: CW

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