50 Shades of Grey Causing A Baby Boom?

The next generation of baby boomers might be on the horizon, thanks to E.L. James’ racy erotic novel, 50 Shades of Grey. The subject matter of the book has been so inspirational, so to speak, that experts are predicting that we might be seeing a lot more people on the planet in about nine months from now. Professor Ellis Cashmore, a culture expert at England’s Staffordshire University, recently stated, “By the very nature of the subject matter I’m sure we can expect to see some couples revisiting and reigniting ideas that may have lain dormant for some time in the bedroom… It’s not a difficult equation: more sex equals more pregnancies, which equals more babies.” Given that over 20 million copies of the book and its two sequels have been sold all together, expect a lot of children to graduate high school in the year 2031. We’ll just have to wait to see if “Anastasia” and “Christian” become popular baby names as well.

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Photo Courtesy of: Vintage Books

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