5 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrew Garfield

With the worldwide premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man happening July 3rd, British actor Andrew Garfield is about to become one of the biggest names in Hollywood, thanks to his Marvel Comic makeover. Up until now, Garfield was best known for his role as Eduardo Cruz in The Social Network, but after beating out everyone from Robert Pattinson to Daniel Radcliffe for the coveted role of Spider-Man, his name is about to go household. As Garfield braces himself for superstardom and his complete loss of anonymity, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Andrew Garfield… at least not yet.

Andrew Garfield was a serious gymnast
Garfield was unknowingly training for the role of Spider-Man his entire life. While growing up in the UK, he was a competitive gymnast. At one point, he even ranked third in the south of England for floor routines and vault. Garfield wasn’t exactly Olympics material, but as it turns out, he would eventually use his skills to cast a much wider web.

Andrew Garfield is actually American
Don’t let the British accent fool you. Garfield was actually born in Los Angeles. He relocated to the UK when he was just three years old, with his mother, who’s originally from Essex, and his father, a California native, as well as his older brother. The actor has a natural knack for accents, however. He puts on a believable American accent for his latest role as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, and he lest we forget his standout performance playing Brazil-born, Miami-raised Eduardo Saverin in David Fincher’s The Social Network.

He studied spiders to prepare to play Spider-Man
“If you’re gonna do it and treat it real — if my DNA is being mixed with that of an actual spider,” Garfield has said, “then why not actually bring in the physicality of a spider? The lightness, the stillness, the patience and how that changes a 17-year-old boy. That’s a fun thing to play with, as well.”

He and now girlfriend Emma Stone pulled pranks on each other on set
A lot of Hollywood couples have met on set, including Andrew Garfield and his Spider-Man co-star, Emma Stone. The two young stars heated up their relationship by initially playing pranks on one another on set. “Andrew and I pulled a couple of pranks on each other,” said Stone recently, “like parking my car in front of his trailer so he couldn’t get in, and then he put my car on one of the soundstages with a note on it that said ‘Move your car, a**hole!’ In the middle of the stage!”

Garfield first put on a Spidey suit at age 3
How did Andrew Garfield proof to director Marc Webb that he was born to play the role of Spider-Man? With a little photographic evidence from childhood, of course. When Garfield’s parents found out he was auditioning for the role, they unearthed a picture of a 3-year-old Garfield posing for the camera in a Spider-Man costume. Unbeknownst to Garfield, his agent sent Webb and the studio the photo.”I think that’s the only reason I got the part,” Garfield has joked. “I think he was just like, ‘Well, that kid’s cute. I’ll have to give it to that kid,’ because I think no one else sent in pictures of themselves at 3.”

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Photo courtesy of: Columbia Pictures

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