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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 23 The Fugitives

When we return to New York, Chuck is confronting his father, Bart Bass, trying to figure out what is going on and why he faked his own death. Bart says a competitor threatened his family forcing him to fake his own death when he got in a car accident. Chuck is understandably upset. He’s actually handling it quite well for just learning his father is alive after years. Instead of getting to live happy together again, Bart says he has to disappear again because the threat still exists. He kicks Chuck to the curb absolutely heartbroken. Now Chuck is on a mission to find out who was after his father, he turns to Blair for help since she is the only person who knows he is alive.

In the office, Nate tells Diana he wants her gone and is willing to use her background against her. Since she’s the backer for The Spectator, Nate is stuck.

On a happier note, Blair learns that Dan was lying about his trip to Rome. She finds out that he lied and turned it down. Dan, who desperately needs a haircut, tells her he can’t bear to be apart, but Blair tells him he has to go to Rome.

When Blair goes to complain about Dan to Serena, she gets more then she bargained for. Blair finds out that Serena has been Gossip Girl for the last few months and instead of being mad, Blair is actually a little sad that she didn’t get to play too. Serena is willing to do anything to make up for her lies.

Dan turns up wanting to see Blair, but she’s with Chuck. This is only going to amplify his wild jealously lately. So Blair and Serena switch places to comfort their men. First Chuck has a meeting with Diana to find out what she knows. Diana agrees to tell Chuck who tried to kill Bart in exchange for a big favour. Chuck has to convince Nate to keep Diana’s other life secret and she will leave the paper. The only problem is that Nate wants revenge.  Lola offers to out Diana since Nate has promised not to.

Diana gives Chuck a name and even hints at a scandalous date where Chuck can find him. Before he can get all of the details, news about Diana’s past leaks to the press. Wow, Lola and Nate could have at least waited until Diana had left the apartment. Has Nate learned nothing from years of scheming? Chuck tells the gang what’s really going on to show them how bad they messed up.

Blair gets a surprise of her own when Dan asks her to go to Rome with him all summer. She says yes, even though it’s obvious she’s unsure that this is where she wants to be. She has to do an interview with someone that day, even though all she really wants is to be helping Chuck.

Blair sneaks out in time to help them figure out a plan. Time is running out because Dan is waiting and Diana and Bart are trying to leave town. Blair is so busy that she sends Serena back to the apartment as herself for the meeting. Dan isn’t happy about this, but they got into the program regardless. Even with a very close call with Eleanor Waldorf.

Blair gets busy preparing Ivy and Lola for their starring roles as high end call girls, while Nate stalls Diana  She begs him to let her go free because she couldn’t stand going back to her old life. Nate, the big softy, lets her go.

When the scheming begins Lola and Ivy are surprised by Chuck’s private eye coming in and wanting to be taken to see Bart. The cute naive girls buy his fake danger story and rush him to the mansion, fortunately not before Chuck and Blair figure out the scheme. It was the private eye who was having Bart killed all along. While he was working for the Bass’ he was threatened and he set Bart up to die.  The police heard his entire confession and take him away.  This felt like it was too easy! Chuck and his father even get a nice hug at the end.  Bart has gone soft and may be back for next season. What about Lily, now that she’s on the outs with Rufus?

Blair returns home and thanks Serena for getting her in to Rome, but admits that she isn’t ready to tell Dan that she loves him yet. Dan wants to be sure that this is what Blair wants and a big romantic kiss convinces him of that.

Just when you think everything is all happy, the real Gossip Girl is back and ready to destroy Serena and Blair. Her first blast is a page right out of Blair’s diary literally! Blair’s diary is courtesy of Serena. What? Wow, there is no coming back from that.

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