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Top Superhero Movies

With one of the summer’s biggest and most anticipated movies being a superhero movie (and let’s face it the first of three big superhero movies set to launch this summer) it’s time to take a look at the best superhero flicks of all time.  And not to worry Adam West’s 1966 Batman: The Movie is not included on our list.

1978’s Superman really turned the comic book genre into something more than campy TV series or Saturday morning cartoons.  All along it was the producers goal to show you that a man could fly, and wow did they ever deliver.  Christopher Reeve played a convincing Superman and Clark Kent, while Gene Hackman was simply masterful as his arch nemesis Lex Luthor.  The second installment in the series was great as well, even if there were internal problems that led to Richard Donner dropping out of the project.  Next year Man of Steel brings Superman back to the big screen, but it will still be tough to beat the original series.

Most people forget that 1998’s Blade starring Wesley Snipes was based on a comic book, due to it’s dark and gritty feel, but it is.  The first edition to the three movies in the series was by far the best of the lot, and from the get go it kept you pinned to your seats.  Stephen Dorff played a perfect villain, and Kris Kristofferson played a great sidekick.  When it comes to vampire movies this one is much better than those teenage hit Twilight movies.

People had been waiting for X-Men to hit the big screen for a long time, and in 2000 they finally got their wish.  Bryan Singer demonstrated a love for the characters, and kept them true to their comic book selves, while somehow giving enough screen time to everyone.  As good as X-Men was however, 2003’s X2: X-Men United was even better.  Hugh Jackman really started to see his star rise after playing Wolverine in both of the flicks.

Batman had seen many incarnation on both TV and the big screen, but it wasn’t until 2005 when Christopher Nolan took him under his wing and made Batman Begins that we really got a true sense of who the character is.  Gone was the campy dialogue and cheesy villains, and instead we got to see the darkness that is at the heart of one of comic books most beloved heroes.  As difficult as it seems, 2008’s The Dark Knight was even better, and became one of the highest grossing films of all time.  Heath Ledger even won a posthumous award for portraying The Joker.

Also in 2008 we saw the first of the Marvel new wave of movies, Iron Man.  From the very beginning it was apparent that there was a plan to make an Avengers movie, and it all started here.  Before the movie hit theaters many people may never have heard of Iron Man, but when the smoke settled everyone wanted more of the armored avengers.  Robert Downey Jr. resurrected his career playing a character that had a lot of problems similar to what he’d gone through in his life.

2010’s Kick-Ass brought a different type of superhero to the screen.  A regular guy wanting to save the day.  The movie may not have done all that well at the box office, but if you are a fan of the genre you should see this one.  It’s almost as if the genre went full circle, because this one is cheesy and corny.  It stops before it does revert back to the old Batman days however because it’s also bloody and violent.

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