Now Playing – Movies Opening April 20th, 2012

Nothing seems capable of beating The Hunger Games for the box office crown, and the four new entries at theaters this weekend don’t stand much of a chance either.  There’s a new romance, a comedy, and two documentaries just in time for Earth Day.

Movies based on novels by Nicholas Sparks seem to draw in woman by the droves, which will probably be the case once again for The Lucky One.  This one stars Zac Efron as a marine who travels to North Carolina after returning home from his third tour in Iraq to find an unknown woman he believes was his good luck charm.  Taylor Shilling, Blythe Danner and  Riley Thomas Stewart guest star.

Chris Brown, yes that Chris Brown, is one of the star in Think Like A Man.  Four men conspire to turn the tables on their woman after discovering that they’ve been conspiring against them.  Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart, and Michael Ealy are also in this one.  The movie has been getting terrible reviews, and will probably do very little this weekend.  It may have done better if it was a direct to DVD release.

Disney Nature’s Earth Day documentaries have become an annual treat, and by the looks of things Chimpanzee will be more of the same.  This one follows a 3 year old Chimp who gets lost from his troop and finds himself adopted by an adult male.  Tim Allen provides the narration this time around, and by the looks of the trailers it’s bound to bring out the water works in more than a few viewers.

The other nature documentary this weekend is To The Arctic 3D.  This one is narrated by Meryl Streep and it follows a mother polar bear and her two cubs as they journey through the arctic.  By the sounds of things this one is also a bit of a commentary on the changing face of our planet due to global warming, but still it looks too cute to pass up.

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