Now Playing: Movies Opening April 13th, 2012

This week three new movies hit theaters everywhere, but will any of them have what it takes to knock off The Hunger Games?  There’s the return of a legendary comedic team  (sort of), a horror movie and an action sci-fi thriller coming out, and it’s doubtful any of them have what it takes to claim box office gold.

First up this week is the Farrelly Brother’s The 3 Stooges.  So let’s get this straight, Moe, Larry and Curly were real people playing characters using their real names, and now there are actors playing the three men who are playing characters?  This could be an epic disaster, and will probably end up alienating most long time stooge fans.  The movie is about the stooges trying to save their childhood orphanage and ending up in the middle of a murder plot and starring in their own reality show.  How’s that for a convoluted plot?

Before The Avengers hits theaters Joss Whedon is producing the new horror movie The Cabin In The Woods.  The movie has been hitting the festival circuit since last year, and has attracted quite the following.  Five friends find themselves trapped in a cabin and forced to fend for their lives.  Horror fans have been dying for a god horror movie, and this may just be it.

The last new movie this week is Lockout.  This movie has had very little hype which can mean one of two things, either that studio knows it’s not going to do very well and decided to cut their losses early,  or they aren’t sure how it will do and have decided to let it speak for itself.  Guy Pearce stars as a man wrongly convicted of conspiracy, and is given the chance to prove himself if he rescues the president’s daughter from an outer space prison where the inmates have taken over.  It kind of sounds like Escape From New York meets Taken.

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