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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 22 Raiders Of The Lost Art

Back in New York, Diana and Jack Bass are up to something. At first they are happily thinking that Chuck believes the story about Diana being his mother, until Diana realizes that Nate stole her carefully coded day planner. What kind of incriminating evidence does it hold? Chuck is not stopping until he confronts Jack. After everything Jack has done to Chuck, this is going to be an interesting reunion.

Blair and Dan have made up after last week’s fiasco. Their relationship seems quite healthy as they both plan their busy day. Dan has writer’s block and is meeting with his agent, while Blair decides to help Chuck.

Meanwhile Nate and Lola are bonding over their secret that Serena is the real Gossip Girl. The always wholesome Nate is working with her to hack the GG site, for Serena’s own good of course. They decide to use Serena and Diana’s secrets to pit them against each other to reveal the truth. It turns out Serena and Diana are already working together up. Diana has baited Serena with promise of Gossip Girl’s phone number. Serena dreams of keeping the site forever and wiping out the real GG.

While they are all trying to crack Diana’s secret code, Dan’s agent sets him up on a very special meeting. Dan is offered an exclusive summer invite to an Italian art society in Rome. Sigh, what a dream! He might love Blair, but this is too good for lonely boy from Brooklyn to give up. He’s having second thoughts about leaving her but when Dan calls her Blair is excited for him. She wants him to go, but her enthusiasm makes him suspicious. When Dan sees her with Chuck, his jealousy goes into overdrive and Dan follows Blair and Chuck on their mission.

Serena tries to steal the planner back for Diana, but not before she gets caught red handed. When Chuck tells her what is going on, Serena has a rare moment of good judgement and offers to help. It looks like everyone is on a roll. Let the backstabbing and scheming begin! This is the good old Gossip Girl we know and love.

Blair sends in Dorota with a hidden microphone to get information from Diana. While listening to Diana talk about a trip to Portugal, Blair figures out that the code in Diana’s notebook is for international phone numbers. Chuck calls and gets an invite to a mystery event.

After they crack the code, Serena takes the book back to Diana to get Gossip Girl’s real number. Lola steps in to help, but something is up.

Chuck, Blair and Nate arrive at the mystery mansion to a very strange sight. It’s a “roving brothel” as Chuck calls it, with girls in skimpy lingerie. This is definitely Jack’s kind of place.  Lola and Serena follow Gossip Girl’s GPS signal to the party too. It turns out that Diana is running this whole scandalous show and is upstairs watching the gang search the house. When she sees Chuck and Blair, Diana evacuates the house, but it is too late. Chuck finds Jack, Nate and Lola find Diana and Blair finds something that nearly brings tears to her eyes. But what is it? Jack dodges the question getting Chuck out right before Blair confronts Jack. Jack tells her to leave it because the truth would hurt many people.  Blair doesn’t tell Chuck what it is, but she tells him to go back inside to see whatever the big secret is himself. The suspense is killing us. What could it be?

Lola and Nate try to get Serena to out Diana on Gossip Girl, but it’s too late. Nate and Lola helped the real Gossip Girl steal Serena’s laptop while she was helping them. She took the laptop and took her site back. They tried to tell her it was for her own good, but Serena’s is mad. Now she has nothing. She ends the night pouting on her own, getting her first blast from Gossip Girl.

After being mad and jealous, Dan calls and turns down the offer. He is crazy! He says he can write in New York, but can’t have Blair there. When Blair gets home, Dan lies to her about losing the offer. Blair is genuinely happy, but you can see that the green eyed monster is still lingering under the surface for Dan.

Chuck goes back in after everyone has left and finds… his father, Bart Bass, alive and well. What! Wow! This is heavy. What are they going to throw at Chuck next?

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