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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 20 Salon Of The Dead

When we return to New York on Gossip Girl, Lola is the latest it girl. She’s even changed her mind about the perks of being the hottest girl in town. She wants Serena’s help even though Serena is prepared to take her down. Serena starts her backstabbing early after Lola insults Gossip Girl. When Lola arrives at her first big audition, a Gossip Girl post takes her down and her adoring public is starting to turn on her. Doesn’t she have a conscious? Serena’s quick fingers raise an alarm for Lola but not before Diana Payne gets wind.

Things start getting strange when Diana Payne gets word that Chuck is still on the hunt for his blood donor. Diana calls up Jack in a panic. Then the real Gossip Girl texts her threatening to reveal a huge secret unless she helps her get Serena off of the GG site. This is about the get interesting. Have you figured out what is going on yet?

Lola reveals her theory to Nate at the same time that Diana makes a deal with Serena. Diana wants to keep Serena as Gossip Girl since the real GG has dirt on her. Nate thinks Lola is crazy, but she is going to get proof. To make things worse, Serena makes Lola out to be crazy when Nate tells her what her cousin thinks. Things take a turn when Serena overhears that it was Diana who gave Chuck blood at the hospital.

Rufus is standing his ground by staying in Brooklyn away from Lily. With the free time, he’s realizing that he has changed his whole life and priorities since they were married. Now he’s wondering what the future holds. Isn’t she his soul mate? They can’t split.  Lily comes to the loft with a compromise offering to sell the apartment and find a place that works for both of them.

All compromises are off quickly though when Lily finds out that Rufus has been paying for a hotel room for Ivy since she was kicked out of the apartment. When she confronts Rufus he sees that maybe they aren’t the strong couple he thought.

Meanwhile Blair is excited about her first public outing with Dan. They will be walking the red carpet with the paparazzi watching. Dan takes a cue from his father’s struggles to try to keep a piece of himself in their new relationship. But will the Queen B herself let Dan stay a little Brooklyn to balance out her Manhattan style? So far, not so good.

With some advice from another couple they meet on the street Dan and Blair try to compromise by hosting a Salon as their official coming out party. They are hosting a British inspired party, but trying to avoid inviting their friends who let trouble follow them wherever they go. Serena and Lola crash the party anyways with ulterior motives. Lola is just waiting to catch Serena in the act. Lola has invited Nate and Chuck for witnesses to the coming out.

When Serena confronts Diana about her involvement in Chuck’s accident and his life, Lola is there with Serena’s phone live streaming the whole conversation to Gossip Girl. Lola lets the biggest secret out of the bag when Diana admits she is Chuck’s mother live on video with everyone watching in the next room. WOW! Ew, Nate had an affair with his best friend’s mom. Chuck panics and races out without letting Diana explain anything. Lola hurt everyone not only by backstabbing Serena (she deserved it), but also by hurting her boyfriend’s best friend.  Lola kept a piece of her good heartedness by not revealing that Serena is Gossip Girl.

Diana heads to the Empire to explain everything to Chuck. She admits that she had an affair with Bart and got pregnant. She was young, confused and in a bad place, so she let Bart and Elizabeth raise the child as their own since they couldn’t have children. Then Elizabeth left, faking her death, but Diana couldn’t return to risk confusing young Chuck. She said her relationship with Nate was a mistake and she hoped Chuck would never find out. The next step is up to Chuck. Wow, after so long, this is huge! Only it turns out that Diana still has more secrets to come. We can’t wait!

Serena tries to play the victim when Lola comes to return her dress, but it’s too late. Lola isn’t playing any more games. She’s going back to school and is done with their petty schemes.

Now no one is happy. Blair and Dan’s coming out party is ruined. But after all they realize they need to work together, no matter what type of events they go to. Not everyone is happy, because in revenge Lily has cut off all of Rufus’ accounts. That’s harsh. Hopefully things turn out better for more people.

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