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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 19 It Girl, Interrupted

When we return to Gossip Girl, Blair is getting her divorce papers all thanks to Georgina. She’s excited for the ability to date Dan out in the open now. Her happiness fades fast. For some reason Blair seems to be putting off her first day free of Louis. Dan finds out that while Louis has signed and stamped every page, Blair hasn’t.

Serena is still playing Gossip Girl even though someone wants their site back. She wants to use her power one last time get out of the spotlight, so Blair suggests that she find a new IT girl.

Nate is preparing for his reunion with Diana Payne and is keeping their relationship a secret from Lola. It’s going to end bad, even Chuck can see that. As expected, before Nate even sees Diana again, Lola gets the scoop on the big secret from Gossip Girl. Lola approaches Serena for help giving Serena the perfect new IT girl. Serena begins her attempt to get Lola in Page Six as the hottest girl in town. As a part of her plan, she gets Lola in a steamy picture on Gossip Girl and tricks her into thinking Nate might be rekindling the romance with Diana.

Nate quickly realizes bringing Diana back into the office is trouble. Diana is back with a vengeance. She hasn’t forgiven Nate for anything! She’s on a mission to get him out of the Spectator.

Chuck is still trying to find his mother. His private eye learned where Elizabeth was hiding. Before he makes contact, Chuck needs a friend who understands what he’s going through. He needs his Blair back! While chatting the investigator reveals that Chuck paid Blair’s dowry to get her out of the marriage. What? Georgina had nothing to do with it? Wow! Chuck says he doesn’t ever want Blair to know. The only problem is Nate lets the secret slip, to Dan of all people. Now Dan thinks that Blair is returning to Chuck.

Meanwhile, Blair thinks that Chuck is using his mother as an excuse to get back into her life. He admits it, even though that is not true. Between his mother and Blair, Chuck can’t seem to be anymore heartbroken. Just wait until Blair finds out about the dowry.

Back in Brooklyn, Rufus went to Ivy behind Lily’s back. He made a deal with Ivy that they would unfreeze the assets if Ivy would give them back their apartment. Lily says she agrees, but then pulls a fast one on Ivy and Rufus tricking her out of the apartment. Now that Ivy’s out, Lily can claim her home again. Lily’s fierce side is coming back out and, of course, wholesome Rufus is not happy. Lily returns to the apartment alone again.

Let the party begin! Lola arrives at the sexy lingerie show with a date to a make Nate jealous. She is ready to fight Diana for her man. It looks like this was all actually a set up between Nate and Lola to try to get one up on Diana. They set her up to make out with one of Lola’s friend who is underage. Serena catches Nate and Lola filming Diana and loses it. She’s upset because Lola was using Serena. Um… does Serena see the hypocrisy of this? She was using Lola the whole time! Lola admits that she never wanted to be the IT girl. Only now that Serena wants to keep her title, it is too late. Lola has already gotten the attention of high society and they want more. It’s nice to see this blow up in Serena’s face after the way she acted.

Of course in the end, Lola apologizes for everything because she is starting to like the spotlight. She is an actress after all. Serena has the power to make or break Lola as Gossip Girl. What will she do with it? It is her cousin (and sister) after all, but Serena is ruthless and never thinks before she acts. Before the episode ends, Serena sends out a blast insulting her. She’s so desperate. Lola is going to fight back. We hope she wins!

Nate’s little plan to get Diana backfires quickly. He can’t distribute the tape of Diana because the boy is underage. The next day Diana actually apologizes for the way she treated Nate and admits she still cares for him. She wants them to work together peacefully. Who knows how long this will last?

Dan spills the beans about Chuck paying the dowry. Blair hit the party to accuse Chuck of trying to trick his way back into her bed, but Chuck stands up for himself. He says it was meant to be a secret, leaving Blair speechless for once. He doesn’t have time for this for once! Chuck’s private eye comes to meet up with him to reveal that it wasn’t Elizabeth after all. Elizabeth isn’t his mother and she didn’t donate the blood. Chuck’s real mother is still out there.

With Chuck out of the picture Dan wants to know why Blair won’t sign the papers. She admits that she wasn’t ready to give up her fairytale life of being a princess just yet. Her dream came true and it turned out to be a nightmare. She couldn’t accept that so quickly. To make her feel like the princess she is, Dan dresses Blair up in a gorgeous gown and tiara and takes her to the one place she will always be a princess – The Met steps. The current minions run to Blair like her followers.

It’s a new time for Blair, but also for the new sneaky Gossip Girl Serena, who is taking no prisoners.

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