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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 18 Con Heir

Here’s what happened on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl:

Last time we were in the Upper East Side things were getting interesting for everyone. We are so excited to be back! The van der Woodsen’s are now living at the loft after being exiled from their apartment by Ivy. Blair and Dan are starting a new relationship. Chuck is turning a new page with his uncle. Jack is back in town, because Chuck is thanking him for saving his life after the car accident by dedicating a hospital wing to him.

Meanwhile Serena has received the laptop from Georgina and is now the new Gossip Girl. She’s working on her blog at The Spectator, but also doubling as Gossip Girl herself. It looks like she is enjoying herself for now, but this will be trouble.

After denying their true feelings for so long, all that Dan and Blair want is some time together. With Lily and Rufus at the loft though, alone time isn’t so easy to get. Once they finally do get time alone in a hotel room, things get awkward. Both of them look seriously disappointed. Hey, things are always weird between friends the first time. The pair turn to their friends (Nate and Dorota) and some alcohol to drown their sorrows. They get the same advice: just talk about it. The drunken pair admit the truth to each other in the elevator, leading to them stopping the elevator for a super steamy romp. After that, there is no stopping them! We love Blair and Dan for now! They are so cute!

Jack seems to be behaving himself for the moment. We know if he is around trouble is brewing. Jack always brings the best scandals. Someone at the Spectator looked into Jack’s past and realized that there is no way he would have been allowed to donate blood. When Chuck goes to the hospital to get his records he learns the truth, it wasn’t Jack after all. Jack has Hepatitis C making him unable to donate. Why all of the secrecy as to the donor?

Chuck fakes a blood drive to try to get Jack to confess. He actually admits that it wasn’t him fairly quickly. There won’t be a Bass showdown just yet, but who did donate the blood? Chuck figures it out about the same time as us, that it was Elizabeth, Chucks mother. Jack gives in and reveals all. We don’t like this new subdued Jack Bass at all! Chuck finally knows the truth that she is his real mom. Jack tells him to leave it, but how do you forget that? Chuck can’t. He is going to find her again. Elizabeth is on her way back to town.

Rufus and Lily are consulting a lawyer to try to figure out how to get their loft back. William tells them that unfortunately he can’t help because he’s the executor of the will. He is supposed to stay neutral. Poor Ivy is getting upset by all of the bad press she’s getting now that she’s in the midst of hot gossip. The whole neighbourhood seems to be against her. We’re not sure what she expected would happen. She is even shocked that Serena and Lily are bad mouthing her. We didn’t think she was that dumb! William suggests she host a party in Cece’s honour to try to win back the love of the Upper East Side and he’ll help if she pays him. Not that he needs the money.

Lola overhears William and Ivy talking about the money, leading her to believe that Ivy is trying to bride him. After she spills the beans to Nate, he runs right to Serena with the rumour. This puts Serena in a bad place between her job at the paper and her family. Serena plans on letting Gossip Girl reveal Ivy’s true nature, only there is one thing she doesn’t know. Lily and William are in on the scheme together. They are trying to incriminate Ivy to get the inheritance back. How is what Ivy doing illegal though? It’s her money, legally she can give it to whoever she wants. She is paying William to have party. Parties aren’t illegal in NYC. Ivy is in the wrong, but not for this.

The party begins and Lily, William and Serena are all there without knowing what is about to happen. Serena’s selfish actions are going to hurt her family again, we can just feel it! Serena realizes what her parents are up to much too soon and her GG post is going to tip Ivy off to the fact that it’s all a trick. The post goes up one minute too soon. Now they’ll never get the money. We are on Ivy’s side, that wasn’t a bribe.

Serena convinces Lola to stick with the family and tell everyone what she saw. They are the only family she has left, so she has to stick with them. Meaning they are still going to go after Ivy. Lola is feeling bitter against her mother. It looks like William is trying to have a bonding moment with his new daughter. Will Serena find out she has a sister before the end of the season.

To make matters worse, because Serena took her scoop about Ivy elsewhere, Nates paper lost funding. Nate fired her for selling their story to Gossip Girl. Now Serena has more time to spread gossip. Only the real Gossip Girl wants her site back. Will Serena give up the laptop or will she fight to keep this new power. We’ll see.

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