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Madonna MDNA – CD Review

Madonna’s 12th studio album MDNA comes out almost 30 years after her debut album in 1983.  The Material Girl has been well known for changing her image from album to album, and her latest is no different.  The Queen of Pop has sold over 300 million albums worldwide, and this latest will just add to her numbers.

Make no mistake MDNA is a dance album.  If there is a weakness to this album that would be it.  The tracks are catchy, but listening to them gets a little repetitive after awhile.  In fact you may find yourself skipping through the tracks after listening to half of the song.  This is the type of album that you will hear playing at a club, but not listen to in your downtime.  There is a great beat throughout most of the album, but the lyrics are a little cheesy and due to the large number of references to her ex husband they come off sounding a little bitter at times.  She also references her own name in the songs more than once.  The slower, ballad songs on the album really won’t get any radio play either, because they are nothing special.   Give Me All Your Luvin is the first released track from MDNA, and it’s by far the best thing on it, with Girl Gone Wild and I’m a Sinner being the next two in line.  Masterpiece, for which she won a Golden Globe, is also included on this album.

MDNA is better than Madonna’s last album Hard Candy, but it is not as good as Confessions on the Dance Floor.  It lies somewhere in the middle, and although it is fun and catchy, it’s definitely far from bringing her back into the top of the charts for long.  By bringing Nicki Minaj onto a couple of tracks and M.I.A. on the lead single it almost seems Madonna is trying to keep herself relevant to a younger crowd, but unfortunately it doesn’t work too well.  This album will disappear as quickly as Hard Candy, and probably not have any tracks that stick around like her older, more iconic songs.

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