New Movies Opening February 10th, 2012

This weekend is yet another mishmash of new releases, with two action movies (one for adults, and one for kids), a romance and a 3D re-release.  Odds are with Valentine’s Day just around the corner the romance will make the most this weekend, but with the huge fan-base behind the re-release it may surprise everyone.

Of the four movies opening this weekend Safe House will probably have the weakest opening.  First it’s restricted, second it stars Denzel Washington who hasn’t had a hit in quite some time and Ryan Reynolds who is slowly watching his star fade, and thirdly its director is making his North American debut.  Still it looks like it could be fun, what with Reynolds playing a young CIA agent tasked with watching over a fugitive, even after he’s forced to do so on the run.

The Rock says, let’s make a sequel to Journey To The Center of the Earth, and combine it with another famous science fiction story by the same author, and call it Journey 2: Mysterious Island.  Oh yeah, and let’s add characters not in the original movie, and bring in a former professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson to star because Brendan Fraser isn’t coming back.  This movie looks like a train wreck waiting to happen, but because it’s a kid’s flick it will probably do all right.  Especially with the Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson and teenage fan favourite Vanessa Hudgens co-starring.

During the most romantic weekend of the year Hollywood has decided to only bring out one romance.  The Vow starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum is based on a true story about a couple getting to know one another again after a car accident strips a man’s wife of her memory.  Expect a lot of tears in the theaters this weekend because of this one.

And finally yet another Star Wars movie is being re-released.  1999’s The Phantom Menace is coming back to theaters in 3-D, and yes for George Lucas once again has tinkered with the final product.  This time he’s removed puppet Yoda and replaced him with CGI.  Why this man feels it necessary to continually change things is beyond anyone, but it will undoubtedly still do very well this weekend.  It’s not like the re-releases of the original trilogy back in the 90’s though, so it will probably fade away after a couple of weeks.

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