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Music Review: Lee Dewyze – What Once Was

by Music Writer, guest blogger

Before winning American Idol, Lee Dewyze was one of millions of unknown struggling singers hoping to hit it big. Now that his dreams have come true, WuLi Records is searching the vault for the music he recorded from before he was famous. It’s all being released in one pretty package for Idol fans. It’s a rare look at the beginnings of an Idol winner.

Going into this album you have to remember that it isn’t the major label hits you are used to. It’s independently recorded and released, so it’s not as perfectly produced. There is a roughness to the sound. There is also a reason why the major record labels didn’t scoop Lee up earlier based on these songs. There are some definite misses.

Lee’s gorgeous voice is still there with it’s rough rocker intonation ready to make girls swoon. You can hear that when recording this Lee was still getting his bearings straight. A versatile artist is great, but this ranges too much. It should be expected since the records range from so many different points in his life. At times it is a heavier rock style, a folk sound, pop tunes and slow ballads.

Every song may not be a winner, but it’s an interesting peak at the development of Lee as a growing artist. That said, I don’t know if Lee has a big enough dedicated fan base to make this album worth it. It’s a gem for his fans but is he at that point yet?

Listen to a snippet of “Snaps” from the album here:

[youtube gI7s3zGD-WA]

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