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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 17 The Princess Dowry

Here is what happened on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl:

When we return to New York, Lily is mourning her mother and arranging the funeral, but Cece planned everything in advance. There is a surprise wake waiting at the van der Woodsen’s apartment, including an Irish band and her coffin in the middle of the room. It looks like Cece got the last laugh here.

Nate is trying to help the real Charlotte Rhodes, Lola, deal with the reality of her brand new family. It seems Lola isn’t interested in having family time despite the fact that Serena is reaching out to get to know her. Nate accidentally takes Lola to Cece’s wake causing an instant battle in the family.

Georgina is feeling the pressure of being Gossip Girl, so she leaves her husband in charge of the site to crash a party. Georgina is attending Cece’s wake with Ivy. I have no idea why Ivy thinks she is going to be welcome at Lily’s house in the first place. Bringing Georgina is only going to make things worse. Before Georgina even gets to the party her husband has made a big mistake posting an email from Chuck revealing Dan as the one who sent that video. Now that Chuck knows that it was Dan who sent the video to Gossip Girl he is ready to start a war over Blair. It may be just in time, because it looks like Sirus has found a loop hole in Blair’s pre-nup that will allow her to be free.

When Blair sees the post she instantly thinks it’s another of Chuck’s games, but she can’t deny the guilt all over Dan’s face. Dan admits he sent the video, but says he wanted to make her realize that she didn’t love Louis. Blair’s too busy worrying about her future to deal with this. Her royal babysitter offers to help Blair get divorced, so that she can swoop in and snatch Louis up for her own. It may be weird, but if it works to get rid of the prince it’s worth it. After one quick phone call, it looks like Blair could be a single lady by the end of the week. Louis will announce the end of their marriage claiming Blair is a gold digger and introduce the assistant as his new beau. Their only demand is that Blair stay out of the press for good. If she makes a scene, even on Gossip Girl, the pre-nup payment goes back into effect. With Georgina behind the keys that could be problematic.

As Blair’s freedom nears, Georgina coaxes Chuck to make a grand gesture for Blair. They post the photo of Dan and Blair kissing ruining her chance of a clean divorce. Blair tries to blame Dan, but Georgina admits everything. She admits that she is Gossip Girl, posted the pictures and she worked with Blair’s minder to make up the whole arrangement. It was all a fake and now Blair has to pay the dowry.

Dan confronts Chuck about it, but Chuck says he had to do it because Dan kept them apart. Dan admits that he was keeping Chuck and Blair apart, but who cares? This has gone far beyond who loves Blair most. Her family could be ruined because of a bunch of jealous boys. She should forget about them all. Blair admits that it isn’t Dan keeping her apart from Chuck, she isn’t in love with him anymore. In the end, Blair shows up at the loft to see Dan and tell him how much she loves him. Aw! We can’t wait to see what happens in this new Dan & Blair version of the Upper East Side.

When Chuck turns to Lily for a shoulder to cry on, he learns some other interesting news. It turns out it was Jack who saved his life when he was in the hospital. Chuck needed a blood transfusion and Jack came. Do we sense the return of Jack Bass in our future? We hope so!

Meanwhile at the wake, Georgina intercepts Lola and Ivy to try to stir up another scandal before her last scoop has even finished playing out. Georgina plants the idea that maybe Carol has an bigger reason for hiding Lola. Georgina suggests using Dr. Van der Woodsen, who happens to show up just then, to help get the truth. Carol intercepts before they can question him. Hmm, suspicious.

William has bigger fish to fry right now. He is the executor of Cece’s estate and has come with her will. The fighting between Lily and Carol is going to get dirty. It turns out Cece left the majority of her estate to Ivy. The sisters accuse Ivy of everything from lying to Cece to killing her. After the will scene, Lola leaves disgusted by her real family. When Carol realizes she didn’t inherit any money, she tells Williams if he doesn’t help her contest the will she’ll reveal that he is Lola’s real father and take him for all he’s worth. We saw that coming. It’s so gross that it had happen. William gives Lola a call asking her to meet up. He may not be the most upstanding citizen, but he cares about his kids. Carol should know that she is going to look just as bad if this comes out.

Ivy isn’t embracing the family who once took her in so generously. Instead she kicks Lily and Rufus out of the apartment because Cece owned it and therefore now it belongs to Ivy. Wow, harsh!

Georgina shows up promising Blair a way to get out of her marriage without having to pay Louis family anything. Georgina wants to buy a favour from Blair, but this time it might actually be worth it. She heads to Monaco, but first ships off her Gossip Girl laptop to a new source that is going to fill the role for a little while. Who could it be? Ivy? Jenny? Vanessa? Nope, she sends the laptop to Serena! Interesting. What will Serena do with the power?

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