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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 15 Cross Rhodes

Here’s what happened on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl:

When we return to New York Dan has finished the idea for his next book, while Chuck and Serena plot their revenge for losing the ones they love.

Chuck is wooing Dan’s agent with expensive gifts to get in a position to ruin him. Now that Dan is getting ready for his second book, the timing for revenge is perfect. Dan has no idea that Chuck is biding his time. At the opportune moment, Chuck swaps out the proposal for something of his own wrecking Dan’s budding career.  Now Dan risks being dropped because of Chuck’s plagiarised proposal. When Dan finds out, he knows almost right away who was behind the switch. Dan actually comes out the bigger and better man because while Chuck is too busy playing games to see what has been happening.

Blair starts off by apologizing profusely to Serena for her kiss with Dan. Serena won’t let up on it as you can expect. She’s just blaming Blair for stealing everything good in her life. It’s getting old! Serena needs to realize that Dan doesn’t love her. Blair wants to prove that she and Dan are just friends by spending the day with him without kissing.

Nate is still courting the real Charlie Rhodes, while she looks into Ivy’s true identity. She gets a hold of Ivy on the phone and confronts her as to why she’s pretending to be her. Ivy just hangs up and avoids the confrontation, but Nate is starting to get suspicious. Does Ivy really think it is going to end there? Ivy makes a quick call to Carol to tell her the pickle that she’s in. It doesn’t help that Ivy is still hiding the fact that she is living with Grandmother Cece Rhodes who is clearly very ill. When Cece takes a turn for the worst, Ivy realizes that she is going to be found out one way or another. It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

Charlie reveals that her improve acting group is performing Dan’s novel Inside for a special one night only show. Dan goes to the rehearsal for fun and Blair shows up wanting to hang. Blair doesn’t just hang out. Serena thinks maybe she should take Blair’s word for it and forgive them. Only when Serena shows up at the theatre she catches Dan and Blair in the midst of yet another passionate kiss. Blair can’t lie about this one. They might have been pretending that they were acting, but that was a real kiss. We know passion when we see it. Serena wants nothing to do with them because Blair won’t admit her feelings for Dan.

When Charlie bails, the director asks Blair to step in and play, well, herself in the play. Hearing Dan’s book for the first time on stage, Blair finally realizes just how much Dan loves her. Blair heads to the hospital to be by her friends and finally admits her feelings for Dan. Serena and Blair make up, but now there is a whole new issue for Blair. It’s great that she loves Dan, but there is nothing she can do about it. Blair tells Chuck to lay off Dan. She doesn’t want anyone else to suffer because she is confused. Blair has to stay married to Louis for a year, so she has a long time to figure out who she loves the most. We hope that doesn’t means 12 more months of flip flopping between men. But hey, Chuck sees sense and sends in Dan’s real proposal.

The entire Rhodes family including Carol run to the hospital to be with Cece and are surprised by the news about cancer and the fact that Ivy has been at her side. Carol flips out when she finds out that Ivy’s been there for months. The real Charlie sees a post about Ivy on Gossip Girl and follows her to the hospital where she runs into her mother and the Rhodes family. Finally the moment we have waited for. Ivy spills the beans right away. It turns out Carol told her daughter that they had no family. Wow, that is harsh. Both the real and fake Charlie’s end up leaving in tears. They don’t have time to worry because things take a turn for the worst with Cece. She dies in the hospital bed, leaving her daughters to fight over their family legacy now.

There are some happy endings tonight Blair embraces her love for Dan and Charlie and Nate go home together, but all doesn’t end merrily. Gossip Girl throws another wrench in things when she sends Chuck an email. She reveals that it was Dan who sent in the video of Blair from the wedding. Gossip Girl is going to make even more trouble because as we close the episode, Ivy gives Georgina a call. If anyone knows how to stir up a scandal it’s Georgina.

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