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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 15 Crazy Cupid Love

Here is what happened on tonight’s Valentine’s Day themed episode of Gossip Girl:

It’s Valentine’s Day, but love isn’t in the air. Blair is back in New York with a minder watching her every move while Louis is away. She’s momentarily distracted by playing cupid to Serena and Dan. She doesn’t even realize that Dan is still pining over the princess herself.

Georgina hopes the day of love will offer up a scandal. She leaks news that there is a high school themed party at The Spectator office. While it was a lie, Nate gives into peer pressure using it as an excuse to get close to Charlotte Rhodes again. We are betting it will also be the perfect place for Serena and Dan to remember their first love.

The party almost gets called off because Charlotte has noted that she won’t work at the Nate’s office. Chuck steps offering their apartment at the Empire. No one is really feeling up for a party, but Gossip Girl manages to blackmail Dan into get the old gang back together. Sending that one little video is going to cause Dan big trouble! Now Georgina has got him in the palm of her hand.

Maybe Serena and Dan won’t need the party. They both get stood up for lunch at the same restaurant. It’s fate that they are having lunch together. No, wait, it’s all a part of Blair’s match-making plan. It’s too bad the pair figure out Blair’s plan before the finish dessert.

The fake Charlie (ie. Ivy) shows up at the Humphrey’s place wanting to talk to Lily. Is she ready to spill the beans on her true identity yet? Georgina heads over to the apartment to intercept fake Charlie and get any gossip she can. Charlie tells Georgina about Blair’s pre-nuptials sending her on a trip to the lawyer’s office. When Georgina learns about the terms of the marriage, she decides she wants to find a way to break up the marriage and ruin Blair’s family for good. Wow, that is some revenge! Georgina might be going a bit too far this time.

It’s party time. Chuck and Nate’s apartment is filled with girls in school girl outfits and homemade jello shots. Ew! The fake Charlie gets dragged to the party by Dan and once there Serena won’t let her leave without catching up. The fake Charlie and the real Charlie are in the same place! What will happen if they meet? This is the type of thing that they warn time travelers about. But wait! It turns out they know each other. The real Charlie knows Ivy from acting class. Oh my god! This is too much for us and it looks like Ivy might lose it too. Real Charlotte wants to catch up too. To make matters even more complicated, Nate sits down with them. After Ivy sneaks away Nate explains how he knows her and it’s clear that the real Charlie knows something is up. Finally the truth about fake Charlie is going to be revealed. Charlotte skims Facebook suspicious about what Ivy is playing at.

While Serena and fake Charlie catch up, Blair tries to convince Dan to go and get her. You can see it in Dan’s eyes that it’s Blair he really wants for Valentine’s Day. A text from Gossip Girl daring Dan to kiss Blair interrupts the moment. Dan hunts down Gossip Girl and finds Georgina hiding in a bedroom. When Dan threatens her, Georgina only says what we are all thinking. We are sick of watch Dan pine over Blair. He should just do it. So when Blair and Dan are left alone in the room, he does go for it. Dan kisses Blair! Dan should know better. The door pops open and Georgina has her handy camera phone ready again to capture the moment. Serena is there to witness the action too. Now she is going to be furious with Dan and Blair for leading her on or ruining her life or something.

Serena goes on the same old spiel about how Blair wants to take away everything good. Even Serena points out that this fight is getting old. Serena leaves, but we know this fight isn’t over.

Georgina and Dan have it out. Georgina tells Dan the truth about how Blair can never be with him because of the conditions of her marriage. Georgina makes even more trouble by showing Chuck the picture of Blair and Dan locking lips. It’s only later she realizes that she can’t reveal the kiss, because that would out her as Gossip Girl. She isn’t ready to give up the position just yet.

Dan chases her out, but Blair says that her feelings are irrelevant. Her best friend is in love with him, so Blair can’t like him. Why does Dan think he could win Blair if even Chuck couldn’t do it? Blair seems to be giving this speech to many different boys lately. It must be hard having everyone love her.

In the end, everyone is alone and lonely. It turns out even Blair’s escort is alone and in love with Louis. Ivy leaves the city, but not to get away for good. It turns out that Ivy is living with Serena’s grandmother in the Hamptons and she isn’t doing well. With Mrs. Rhodes being ill and the real Charlie coming out, this is going to get interesting.

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