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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 14 The Backup Dan

Here’s what happened on this week’s episode of Gossip Girl:

When we left Gossip Girl, Blair had escaped from her wedding with. The reception is still raging on when we return, but Serena noticed that Blair is MIA. It looks like Dan took her to the Empire.

On their way out, Serena and Chuck find Nate flirting with the real Charlie Rhodes and catch a ride with her to the hotel. Serena is scheming with her real cousin and has no idea. This is too much at an already stressful time! When they arrive at the Empire they meet Georgina (or should we call her Gossip Girl?), not Blair. She wants to join in the hunt for the runaway bride.

Prince Louis and his mother are also looking for Blair. Louis can’t risk the press finding out that he is in a loveless, fake marriage.

Blair and Dan are actually on their way to the airport so Blair can fly to the Dominican where she can get a divorce. She’s not going to get far in that wedding gown though.

Dan’s horrible lying when Serena calls isn’t helping either. Fortunately Serena is too distracted by her love for him that she doesn’t notice. When Georgina tries to tell them that Dan is lying, Chuck and Serena force her out. I supposed she was bound to start lying eventually, so it’s better if she goes now. Soon enough they realize Georgina may have been telling the truth. Georgina blackmails Dorota into spilling the beans and stops Blair from getting her much needed passport.

Dan is so distraught he calls Rufus for a hand. He enlists Rufus to keep Louis’ family in the dark about Blair’s whereabouts. She has to get out of the country before the royals call in some favours and get the borders closed down. Princess Sophie finally snaps and demands that Eleanor get Blair back or pay the dowry in the pre-nuptial agreement. What century are we in? Do dowries really still exist?

While they wait for a flight, Blair gets a huge shock when Louis appears on TV reporting her missing. He asks the public to help find her and implies that she’s not mentally stable. This is bad news for the start of Blair’s marriage. He’s creating this picture of her in the media, which he can use later. Louis doesn’t need the media thought because Gossip Girl tips him off on where to find his bride. Is it Georgina causing more trouble?

Blair and Dan hide out in a cheap hotel. At least that’s the one place no one would ever expect to look for Blair. Chuck and Serena show up at the door and Georgina is close behind with a convenient little camera phone. During the surprise Serena drops her purse revealing the camera that taped Blair and Chuck at the wedding. Serena, how could you? You sent the video to Gossip Girl? Serena admits it, but somehow turns it around on Blair for running away with Dan. Why is Serena making this about her? She ruined her best friend’s wedding. Does she ever think about other people? Her problems are minute in comparison.

Before Chuck can whisk Blair away from everything, Princess Sophie appears in the doorway. She demands Blair returns to Louis or force her mother to lose everything. Heroic Chuck offers to pay the dowry and free her (this sounds like a fairy tale), but she refuses. If they are to be together, Blair doesn’t want them to start a relationship like that. She leaves Chuck standing alone in the hotel room again. How many times can this happen to him?

Before she returns to Louis, Blair thanks Dan for supporting her despite the way she treats him. From the way they talk, it seems like maybe Blair is getting closer to admitting her true feelings for Dan. Maybe these two still do have a future.

Throughout all of this, Nate is at the Empire sweet talking Charlie. When he hears her lying on the phone he politely gets her to leave. What is up with that? Everyone around Nate is a pathological liar; he can handle it. Charlie heads back to work, which is a flower delivery to Rufus and Lily. Oh my god, I can’t take all of these close encounters without anyone knowing she’s the real Charlie.

Before the finale Nate apologizes to her, because he’s just that nice of a guy. He says he doesn’t want another liar of a girlfriend. She admits that her mom doesn’t know that she is in New York. The pair make up, one step closer to the big reveal!

Eleanor confronts Louis. She says she doesn’t want Blair anywhere near him and she doesn’t care what they say, but it’s too late. Blair has already returned and is ready to go. She wants to live up to her responsibilities. Louis looks so sleazy as he escorts her out for the paparazzi. It’s creepy. Poor Blair!

In the end, we see Georgina back at the computer writing another Gossip Girl post. She says that she has taken up the role of Gossip Girl since the true Gossip Girl stopped posting because well, “the world need Gossip Girl.”

Chuck and Serena share a night cap discussing the video. It turns out neither of them actually sent it. They were trying to cover for each other. If they didn’t, then who sent the video and tried to ruin Blair’s wedding. Could it be Dan? Sweet Dan Humphrey who always take the high road, but does love Blair with all his heart. We will have to wait until next week to find out the truth.

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