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The Finder – TV Review

Fans of the television show Bones are probably excitedly awaiting the first Bones spin off series, The Finder, which starts tonight on Fox. The Finder’s quirky and kooky main character Walter Sherman was introduced last season and is now moving into his own spot replacing Bones for the mid-season.

The Finder focuses on war veteran Walter Sherman, played by Geoff Stults, and his ragtag team of helpers including Michael Duncan Clarke as ex-criminal Leo Knox, Mercedes Masohn as Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambada and Maddie Hasson as teenage ex-criminal on probation Willa Monday. The foursome work together to help people find things. Sherman will find anything from missing guitars to people for the right price. Walter apparently always finds what he’s looking for. Why he does it in the first place is a story that will apparently be answered as the series progresses.

In the first episode we follow Walter, while he searches for a missing war vet who he knew during his days in service. The pilot is thought to be dead, but his son has been unable to locate the body. Walter and company go on a journey to find him either dead or alive meeting goons and criminals along the way. Walter seems to find a way to out smart and out think everyone else by piecing together the smallest of details to get to the truth.

Those who enjoy Bones already are probably going to love The Finder. It’s a crime drama with a sense of humour about itself. Walter’s quirky charm as played by Stults is either going to have you loving him or hating him. Michael Duncan Clarke is perfect as the best friend who always has to come to his rescue. The premise of this show can lend itself to any number of story lines, just think of all of the things you could lose.

The only downfall to The Finder is just how many times this style of show has been done before. Despite it’s unique twist on the crime drama, this is a premise that is almost over-saturated on tv right now. From CSI to Criminal Minds to Law & Order, there are enough crime dramas to please everyone. I don’t know if The Finder has enough different to distinguish it. The character storylines are pretty obvious (Walter and Mercedes clearly have feeling for each other, but won’t discuss it and Willa is going to turn her bad attitude around after Walter helps her out of a jam), so this leaves The Finder hoping viewers will melt for it’s quirky twist. I think it may be strong enough for a few seasons, but not for any lasting commitment.

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