Megan Fox And Josh Duhamel Hunt For Billy Crystal In Oscars Promo

After the whole Eddie Murphy fiasco the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences scrambled to make it right by hiring Billy Crystal as his replacement to host the February 26th awards show.  It’s been 8 years since he hosted the event, but from the look of the first trailer for the event it all ready looks like he hasn’t lost a step.

In the trailer Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel are sent on a mission (by William Fichtner of all people) to bring Billy Crystal in.  Vinnie Jones and Robin Williams help point them in the right direction, and eventually they find Crystal holed up in a cave.  The short clip reminds one of an action movie preview, and if they are looking to get attention from people who normally don’t watch award shows this may just get it.  If only the search for the host had been this easy, they may have gotten things together a bit earlier.

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