Interview: Anna Silk-’Lost Girl’s’ Sexy Supernatural Feminist

Lost Girl‘s star Anna Silk gets to feed off sexual energy as a creature called succubus, an immortal who needs sex to survive and who happens to look like a hot young woman! Any other questions?

We thought you might have some, so we caught up with the funny and charming Showcase star just before she wrapped filming on season two of  Lost Girl.  Anna tells us how she has embraced this alter-nature universe where the supernatural walk among us, how her character is a sexy feminist and a role model and much more.

Real Style Network: The show is pretty out there as far as fantasy. When you first read the script what did you think?

Anna Silk: The breakdown said something like ‘A supernatural creature who feeds on sexual energy to survive. ’ I just thought ‘Oh my god! What the heck is this?’ That sounds kind of crazy and only for certain channels. Then I got the script, read it and saw that it was a lot more than that. It had so many interesting things involved in it.

Real Style Network: Did you know about some of these creatures before?

Anna Silk: I did. I did know what a succubus was. I didn’t know a ton about faeries before. I had a book when I was a kid that was called ‘Faeries’ and it had all of these really sinister images that most people don’t think of when they think of faeries. I had those ideas in my head and I had read a little bit about different types of faeries. I was very interested in it. I didn’t learn a lot about it until I started on the show.

Real Style Network: So, you believed in the supernatural world before you started on the show?

Anna Silk: Definitely! I have a pretty big imagination. It usually ends with me up getting scared of everything, but I was interested in faeries and the supernatural. I have a hard time watching anything to do with ghosts or demons or hauntings or anything like that. I will literally not be able to sleep for a very long time. I definitely believe in the element of the supernatural in our own world. Lost Girl, oh my god, if the Fae were real and lived among us I think that we would all run away. It would be pretty scary.

Real Style Network: How do you as an actor prepare for these storylines that are out of this world?

Anna Silk: As the series progresses we learn along with the audience, only we learn it sooner. We get to read about all of these interesting things that come our way in each script. In terms of researching, as an actor this is a gift of a role for me. I get to do so many different things that I don’t think any character gets to do. You just get ready and you try to put yourself there. We sometimes laugh a lot during certain scenes because they are so out there, but we have a lot of fun with it. You have to be prepared for the unexpected.

Real Style Network: Is it a challenge to play a character like Bo who has so many complex emotions?

Anna Silk: It is, but I think that Bo in the first season is pretty naïve and completely new to this Fae world. She goes into it pretty wide eyed. She’s strong, but it is misguided strength. She’s very cavalier about not choosing a side and doesn’t care about the consequences. I think as the series progresses she learns that there are consequences to those decisions. Because the series progresses that way, I have gotten to grow as an actor within that character. The more I learn and the more there is this family growing around Bo, the more I have to lose. If you can put yourself into that world, it would be devastating to think about the consequences of losing one of my friends or lovers on the show. It’s definitely a challenge, but a fun challenge.

Real Style Network: Do fans relate to that side of Bo?

Anna Silk: Definitely. That’s what I related to when I read the script initially. I think that what is so relatable is her vulnerability. I really think that is where her strength comes from. She is scared a lot of the time, but she can’t be. She has to be able to say, ‘No, I have a creature to fight.’ That may not be something that people do on a daily basis in their own lives, but there are certainly challenges in our lives. I think that’s what resonates with people. That is what drew me to the character.

Real Style Network: Do you enjoy playing a female lead that is sexual, but still strong and powerful?

Anna Silk: Yeah, who would have thought that a succubus could also be a feminist.

Real Style Network: Ha, ha… Exactly

Anna Silk: I think that is the great thing about Bo. Her greatest source of shame growing up is her greatest power.  That’s really cool. I think Bo has to be a role model for young women. You don’t think of a sexual being filling that role, but I think she does. I definitely feel responsible. Bo’s not perfect! She has to be flawed. She has to make bad decisions and treat people badly sometimes.  That is the nature of living. She’s got to suffer the consequences of that and take it in.

Real Style Network: What can fans expect from the rest of season two?

Anna Silk: Everyone is more challenged. The relationships become more heightened and more challenged. There is a threat that is ever present for the Fae and in particular for the group on the show. That is something that unfolds in the last part of season two. There is a lot to lose. Bo is challenged in that way and she can’t run away from this. She has to stand and fight no matter what the cost.

There you have it. Strong and sexy and supernatural powers to boot. Where do we sign up? Watch Anna Silk on Lost Girl on Showcase Sunday nights 9 pm in Canada or Monday nights at 10 pm on Syfy in the US.

[Photos courtesy of Shaw Media]

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