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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 12 Father And The Bride

Here is what happened on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, ‘Father And The Bride’:

When we return, Chuck and Nate are both trying to solve a mystery. Nate wants to know who tried to kill him. Chuck needs to know why Blair won’t talk to him.

Nate turns to Gossip Girl for help to uncover the truth. She’s not going to give up her scoop for nothing though. Nate puts the breaks on Serena’s blog at Gossip Girl’s request. When Serena finds out, all bets are off for their friendship. Nate could have betrayed her for anyone, but her. Serena posts her blog anyways, forcing Nate to fire her and he even sends a video of Serena’s freak out to Gossip Girl. It works out for him though and Nate gets the truth from Gossip Girl. He learns it was his cousin Tripp who tried to kill him. Whether he believes it is another story.

Serena invites Tripp up to the apartment to warn him about what Gossip Girl and Nate are planning. I can’t believe Serena is doing this. Nate may have gone to Gossip Girl, but we all know he’s the sensible one. She should try listening to him for once. When Tripp tries to pin the whole event on his wife Maureen, there is a huge twist. Nate and his grandfather are there and were listening the whole time. Whoa! Now that is a twist we did not see coming. The whole thing was a set up and now Tripp is in serious hot water. Good job Serena! You had us fooled. Tripp finally tells the truth and now Nate wants to make sure he pays. He also confronts his grandfather. Nate is still trying to free himself from his family and now he wants to buy The Spectator.

Serena’s blog also causes Dan some issues. He’s in the midst of working on his second book, but his publishers and his fans want a sequel to ‘Inside.’ Dan doesn’t want to get labeled. His very public, albeit fake, relationship with Serena is putting more pressure on him. Now that Serena has dished the dirt on their relationship in her blog, he can’t escape it. This is what happens when you have fake relationships with socialites who can’t control themselves. He eventually tells her they can’t keep up the charade, but Serena isn’t going to let him get away that easily.

Chuck gets closer to figuring out Blair’s secret. He follows her to a church where Blair asks the priest for the strength to stay away from Chuck. What Blair doesn’t know is that the priest is a plant from Louis’ sister Princess Beatrice. Now she is ready to stop the wedding. Beatrice wants to get Blair to have the most scandalous bachelorette party ever! With Chuck on the prowl nearby trying to get Blair back, it looks like both Beatrice and Chuck could get their wishes if they just put their schemes together. Blair decides she wants to drown her woes in a night full of alcohol. Beatrice sends her spy priest to the Empire to ensure Chuck gets his party invite.

Let the celebrations begin! With Serena distracted by Nate, Beatrice is free to ply Blair with alcohol all night long. While it is very out of character for her to go to this bar willingly, it’s nice to see Blair just let loose. She’s doing shots and dancing on tables. Her drunken ramblings about how she loves Louis appear to win over Beatrice’s cold heart. When Blair goes outside for some fresh air, things go very wrong. A stranger gives Blair drugs to hold onto and the police catch her in the act. When Blair mistakes them for strippers, things get even worse. Despite the fact that both Dan and Chuck are standing steps away and could have probably stopped the whole thing before it started, Blair gets taken away in handcuffs. Beatrice didn’t even need to do anything to get Blair in trouble. Blair instantly blames Beatrice for this, but Beatrice buys all of the photos to keep Blair’s arrest out of the press. Why is Beatrice doing this? Has her heart grown? She calls off the plan to get Blair and Chuck together realizing that Blair might be a nice addition to the family. Of course, Chuck didn’t get his answers, so he is still after her.

It looks like things end on a good note, but things are not all as it appears. Blair sneaks a peak at Louis’ vows and realizes that he is the only one for her. But then we find out that it was Dan who wrote the vows. So when Blair said Louis could see inside her soul, it was really Dan. Oh that is heartbreaking! Dan loves her so much. It’s even worse that Serena is still pining for him and making excuses as to why they need to keep up their fake relationship no matter what. Then as the final straw, Chuck has teamed up with Beatrice’s priest to ensure that Blair and Louis never said “I do.” We can’t wait for the royal wedding next week to see what happens.

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