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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 11 The End Of The Affair

Gossip Girl returned after it’s holiday break tonight. Here’s what happened on this week’s episode:

Last we knew, Chuck and Blair were in the hospital after a car accident. When we return, it appears they have both recovered unfortunately Blair has lost the baby. She and Louis have reconciled and are still planning the wedding. Blair has cut Chuck out of her life, forgetting her confession of love in the backseat just weeks ago. And just when we thought the two of them were going to make our dreams come true!

Blair has been acting strange and Louis is considering hiring a detective to find her, but Chuck suspects the other man in her life. He’s right! She’s hiding in Brooklyn with Dan and the pair have a secret too juicy to discuss. The pressure of not knowing the truth is killing us!

Dan even goes with her to her wedding gown fitting at Vera Wang, where Blair breaks down in a stunning custom-made Vera Wang gown. Blair says the dress reminds her of everything before the accident. It’s heartbreaking (and it’s a stunning dress). Vera herself makes a special appearance to find Blair the perfect wedding dress. Oh to be a socialite future princess bride! Can you imagine shopping for that gown?

Meanwhile Nate and Serena are busy at the Spectator. Serena is quickly becoming the new Gossip Girl, only she doesn’t want to use the tips she’s been getting. It won’t be long before Serena’s writing gets her into trouble. When Chuck tries to out Blair and Dan as a cheating couple, Serena defends the pair. Chuck and Louis want access to the Gossip Girl emails to see if there is any proof of an affair. They find photos of the pair gallivanting around NY. See it took only a few minutes before Serena’s blog starts to hurt her friends.

Everyone plans for a confrontation at Nate’s New Year’s party for the Spectator. Louis wants to out the couple in a very public way, while Serena is more subtle. She asks Blair what is wrong. We enter a flashback showing that when Chuck was at death’s door, Blair prayed for his recovery. She promised God if he brought Chuck back to life, Blair would fulfill her vows to Louis and never see Chuck again. She admits she and Dan have been going to church to ask God for help. Blair believes she must marry Louis to keep Chuck safe.

Luckily, Nate puts a stop to the public humiliation. Serena steps in at the last second claiming she and Dan are a couple. Chuck knows it’s a lie and threatens to find the truth. Louis believes it though, so all is happy with the couple for now.

Nate is also having trouble since someone tipped him off that there was more to Blair and Chuck’s accident than meets the eye. He starts some digging to see what is up. The driver of the car tells Nate that it wasn’t the paparazzi who made the car crash, but the faulty brakes. Now he is on a mission to find out who tried to kill his friends. He realizes that that was his car that crashed. It was all meant for him. Now he has to team up with Gossip Girl to find out who is behind it.

Lily is upset since Charlie/Ivy did her disappearing act. She hires a private detective to find Charlie and make sure she’s ok. The PI finds out that Charlie is still in town. Lily follows her tip to Juilliard where Charlie is enrolled only it isn’t the Charlie they are looking for. The girl who says she is Charlie isn’t the fake. Gasp, have we found the real Charlie? And they let her just get away! Lily says she is done looking, but this could get so interesting now!

It’s now time for New Year’s resolutions: Serena decides to become the next Gossip Girl, only she is going to try to use the pictures for good not evil. Lily decides to let it be and forget about finding Charlie once and for all. Blair goes to the Empire to tell Chuck that she loves him, but she can not ever be with him. It’s gut-wrenching knowing that she loves him more than Louis, but she is getting married anyways. She leaves Chuck practically in tears, but believes it’s for his own good. This is going to be the saddest wedding ever if Blair goes through with it.

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