Demi Moore Is ‘Doing Great’

Last week Demi Moore was hospitalized with an undisclosed ailment, and since then there has been very little word on her condition.   There has been a lot of speculations and rumors as to what happened, but very little solid facts.  Here’s what we do know.

Demi Moore checked out of the hospital a few days after she was admitted.  The 911 call tape has been released, but very little information was in it other than “She smoked something. It’s not marijuana but it’s similar to incense”.  Whatever she had taken caused her to have convulsions.

Eonline is reporting that a good friend of hers, director Patty Jenkins saw her and told them “I just saw her and she’s doing great. I think she’s doing much better than it’s made out to be.”

Apparently even though Demi checked out of the hospital, she has yet to return to her Beverly Hills home.    She has not been seen in public since being released.  There have been rumors that she has checked into rehab, but Eonline discovered that “as of last week, at least, Moore was not enrolled in such a program.”  Her whereabouts may be unknown, but they’ve discovered from a source that she’s receiving “some sort of ‘spiritual counseling’.”

As for her daughters Tallulah and Rumer, they are apparently handing out with their dad, superstar Bruce Willis.  Their sister Scout went back to University.

Picture Courtesy of : David Shankbone

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