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Anticipated 2012 Mid-Season Replacements

TV watching has changed a lot over the years.  In the past mid-season shows were created as replacements for canceled shows, and not planned months in advance.  Nowadays however these shows are planned around the time the fall schedule is released, and in some cases the shows are as anticipated as the fall ones are.  This year is no exception.  From Alcatraz to Smash to The Firm, all genres are covered.  And we’ve got the best of the best for you here.

When J.J. Abrams name is attached to something you know people are dying to watch it.  Alcatraz is no exception.  This series is about a group of guards and prisoners who suddenly reappear after vanishing years before from the famed island prison.  It stars Sam Neil and Jorge Garcia, and should be a huge hit.  (1/16)

We all know how successful Glee is, so it’s no wonder another musical is set to hit the small screen.  Smash is about a group of writers and actors who come together to put on a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.  Debra Messing returns to TV to star. (2/6)

Kiefer Sutherland returns to Fox in Touch, a series about a father who discovers his son’s mathematical gifts can predict the future.  This show doesn’t premiere until March, but a sneak preview airs on January 25th.  This one could be a huge hit, or it could flop.  It all depends on what audiences are looking for.

Also premiering in March is GCB, a new series about a Texas woman moving back to her hometown.  It’s based on the popular novel Good Christian Bitches (hence the title) and stars Leslie Bibb and Annie Potts.

Weekly horror shows have been all the rage this year, and The River continues the trend.  Starting in February this series is a ‘lost footage’ show starring Bruce Greenwood.  It follows a rescue team as they search for a missing adventurer.  Created by Oren Peli, the man who created the Paranormal Activity franchise.  ‘Lost footage’ have been successful in the theatres, so it will be interesting to see how well they do on TV.  Expect more if this one is a hit.  (2/7)

Spin-offs from hit series always have a chance at attracted the folks that watch the original show, so The Finder may be a hit considering how well Bones does.  It stars Michael Duncan Clarke and Geoff Stults. (1/12)

Missing stars Ashley Judd and Cliff Curtis, and is about a mother who travels to Italy to track down her missing son.  The plot sounds very similar to the hit movie Taken from 2009, especially since she’s a retired CIA agent who is using her skills to solve the mystery. (3/15)

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