Must See 2011 Holiday Movies

December has arrived, but the holidays aren’t the only thing people are looking forward to.  The month is also great for long anticipated movies of both the blockbuster and award friendly variety.  This year there are no shortage of both films either.  Here are our top picks.

December 9th

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is the latest flick to be based on a John le Carre novel, and it stars Gary Oldman as a veteran spy forced out of retirement to find a soviet spy.  With Colin Firth and Tom Hardy also starring this movie could prove to be a sleeper hit.

As our reviewer said, Young Adult may not be for everyone but it certainly is all ready starting to get some buzz.  This movie stars Charlize Theron as a ghostwriter who returns home to woo her high school sweetheart away from his wife.  You may see this movie come award season as well.

December 16th

Sherlock Holmes:  A Game of Shadows is facing a lot of stiff challenges this holiday season, but it should have no trouble winning the box office race on its opening weekend.  Robert Downey Jr. returns as the British sleuth who is tackling his adversary Dr. Moriarty.

December 23rd

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will probably be the highest grossing movie over the holidays.  Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara stars in this American remake of the Swedish thriller.  By the looks of things it’s exactly the same as the original version, just in English.

Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol is the 4th in the series starring Tom Cruise, and the second by J.J. Abrams.  The 3rd was amazing, and even though J.J. Abrams isn’t directing this one it looks to be just as good.  Hopefully Tom Cruise’s streak of bad luck doesn’t continue.

Tin Tin is the first Steven Spielberg movie coming out this winter, and it’s based on the extremely popular children’s series.  It’s all ready a huge hit in Europe, and a sequel has all ready been signed, so even if it doesn’t do well over here there will still be more Tin Tin in the future.

Cameron Crowe’s latest is based on a true story and is called We Bought A Zoo.  It stars Matt Damon as a family who buys a struggling zoo and relocates his family in order to renovate and re-open it.  The preview is rather cute looking, and Matt Damon is getting some buzz for his acting in it.

December 30th

And finally we come to War Horse, Steven Spielberg’s movie about a boy who follows his horse to the trenches of France during World War one.  Based on a Tony award winning play Spielberg is obviously looking to tug at heart strings with this one.

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