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Music Review: Amy Winehouse – Lioness: Hidden Treasures

by music writer, guest blogger

This year the music world lost a gem when Amy Winehouse suddenly passed away. Her tragic demise left her fans lost. To close out the year, Amy’s family and producers Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi worked together to put together this compilation of previous unreleased songs from the jazz singer. What we get in Lioness is a rare look at what feels like Winehouse’s true musical talent stripped raw, sometimes a little messy, but always emotional and beautiful.

Since Amy never got the chance to finish a follow up album to her smash hit, Back To Black, people close to her musical went through hours of demos and recordings to bring these 12 songs together. It is an interesting mix of music that makes her demise seem even all the more tragic for what music lost that day. The first single “Body And Soul” featuring Tony Bennett is only a glimpse of what you get on Lioness. It is actually quite interesting to see all of the different sides shown through these songs.

There are some covers like “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” and “The Girl From Ipanema”, which show her classic side. Then there are demos of Winehouse originals such as the alternate versions of “Valerie” and “Tears Dry.” There you get a raw look at Winehouse. Finally there are some very slow emotional songs that feel like something we would have gotten to hear had she been able to record a follow up disc. Listening to these songs, which were maybe never intended to be released, feels like a rare glimpse at the true Winehouse who had a passion for music and gave it everything she had.

Although it is a shame we have only this from Amy and won’t hear her voice any more, listening to Lioness will make you feel closer to the singer than ever before. Maybe it will make you forget the past few years when she went through so many hard times and remember her for the amazing vocalist that she was. It really is a must hear for any music fan, if only in honour of her.

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