Movies Opening Week Of December 23rd

This week movies are opening almost every day.  Two have opened before Friday, one opens on Friday, and two open on Christmas Day.  Yes, you read that right, two movies open on a Sunday.  It’s an interesting mix, that will also include the wide release of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  Let’s get to it.

First up is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  It’s going to be hard to top the Swedish original, but it looks like David Fincher is up to the task.  The movie opens on Tuesday, and stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara as a disgraced reporter and a punk hacker out to solve a forty year old missing persons case.  There is a lot of buzz surrounding this one, and with people loving the best selling book series it may be the hit of the holidays.

Tin Tin opened on Wednesday, but it’s been released overseas since October.  This was a labor of love for both Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, and it’s based on the popular series of children’s books.  Critics seem to love this 3D animated flick, but the question is will North American audiences dig it as much as they do overseas.

Cameron Crowe is well known for his touching stories such as Say Anything, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous, and We Bought A Zoo looks like more of the same.  In this case Matt Damon stars as a father who relocates his family to the country in southern California, where he plans to renovate and rejuvenate a struggling zoo.  Based on a true story, this looks like it could be one of the feel good movies this holiday season.

Christmas Day is well known for opening cheesy b-style horror and sci-fi style movies, and this year The Darkest Hour is that movie.  Aliens invade Earth, and five young people stranded in Moscow are the only people who can stop them.  From the trailer is appears as if the beings are electrical based, and can disintegrate people instantly.  If you are looking for cheese this Christmas you should find it here.

And finally comes the Oscar contender (and second Spielberg movie released this week) War Horse.  If you are looking to get your heart strings tugged, look no further than this picture about a young man who enlists in the army after his loved horse is sold to the cavalry.

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