Madonna To Perform At Superbowl

It’s been confirmed! Madonna will perform during the Superbowl halftime show. The NFL announced Madonna’s February 5th Superbowl performance during last night’s Detroit Lions-New Orleans Saints game.┬áRumours of Madonna appearing at Superbowl XLVI have been floating around for a while with no one willing to comment until the official announcement dropped.

Madonna has a new album coming out next year, rumoured to be in the Spring, and the first single off of that disc should be heard early in the year. What better way to promote and get the ype started on your new album than to play the single to thousands of fans at Superbowl. Even if football fans are not necessarily what you think of when you think Madonna fans. With the sheer scale of the Superbowl show, we can’t wait to see what 53-year-old singer/actress/director will do when she hits the stage.

Sure, Madonna has been known for being controversial in the past, but she’s older and wiser now. With the Janet Jackson scandal, the folks running Superbowl are sure to very strict on what Madonna is allowed to do on stage.

Picture Courtesy of: Ed-Van West

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