Glee Recap: Season 3 Episode 9 Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Here’s what happened on this week’s Christmas themed episode of Glee:

It’s Christmas and Glee is celebrating. We open with the gang decorating while Mercedes sings Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” If you weren’t in the holiday spirit you had better get in it… fast. These kids have a way of making you feel all holly and jolly. Finn and Rachel even kiss under the mistletoe. Finn’s cheers ends quickly, because Rachel, who is Jewish and doesn’t even celebrate Christmas, has a demanding wish list. Finn thinks he’s doing good by donating money to feed an African family in her name, but she throws it back in his face demanding bling. Don’t worry, she will learn her lesson.

Sue is feeling down and missing her sister, so she is getting in the spirit by giving back and donating her time to a shelter. She wants the Glee club to help by singing carols. Exchange student Rory is also feeling lonesome, missing his family for the holidays. He sings Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” to show how he feels. I know they want to give him some of his own songs, but this was totally unnecessary and really boring.

To cheer the group up, Mr. Scheuster announces that they have been offered a Christmas special on local television and Sam invites Rory to stay with his family, even though they can barely feed themselves. Artie is directing their Christmas special for the channel, but he has some strange demands. He wants it to include Star Wars and be in black & white. Rachel practices singing Joni Mitchell’s “River” in an elaborate set, but Artie axes it right away. Artie wants his special to be fun. He seems to have lost the true meaning of the season causing Sam to leave the group in favour of charity work. They bring up the mood with the original song “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”, which should be a new holiday fave.

Things are all cheery until Sue tells them that their charity event is on the same night as their television special. They actually hurt Sue’s feelings when they chose the glamour of tv over helping the homeless.

The Christmas special begins, with a hilarious Star Wars intro, and Blair and Kurt doing a duet on Frank Sinatra’s version of “Let It Snow”. With their suits, bow ties and the black and white colour, it couldn’t get any more perfect. They are adorable! It’s a like an old 40’s holiday special. They even have the holiday banter down to a tee. Mercedes and Rachel arrive to the throwback era to sing “My Favourite Things” from The Sound Of Music with the boys. It was pretty much impossible not to singalong at least once.

Then things get strange as Finn and Puck arrive dressed like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. The pair sing “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” Finn sounds great, but something sounds weird with Puck’s voice. Not his best performance on the show. He’s trying too hard to sound jolly. Mike arrives with the Cheerios before you can take a breath for an upbeat dance number of “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses led by Brittany. Again Brittany doesn’t sound her best, but all of the dancing is a good distraction.  Finally to end the special, Rory comes dressed as an elf. He is supposed to read Frosty The Snowman, but instead he goes out on his own and reads a passage from the nativity story to remind them where Christmas comes from.

Flip to the homeless shelter where Quinn and Sam have joined Sue to help the homeless families celebrate Christmas. Quinn seems to be turning a cheek and going back to the good sweet girl we love. Of course, thanks to Rory’s inspiring story the rest of Glee has a change of heart and arrive to spread their own cheer. They have one final holiday song left to help spread joy. They sing the Band Aid classic “Do They Know It’s Christmas (Feed The World)” making the kids and even Sue smile.

After the songs are sung, Rachel has a change of heart and accepts Finn’s charitable gift. She realizes that she doesn’t need everything, but Finn surprises her with a better gift. He named a star after himself, because she is a star already he wants to watch over her wherever she goes. He also gives her some bling to shine. They realize it’s all too much. They return their presents and donate the money to Sam’s charity teaching us all a lesson about giving.

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